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Friday, November 28, 2008

Away for a few Days

I will be away for a few days there is just too much here for me, my little MIL is in the hospital again with another diabetic seizure and her sugars are fluctuating they want to keep an eye on her and decided on a course of action, you would think that would make more time for me but I always at the hospital with her.
Today my father's sister passed away she is my Aunt Irene, my heart is heavy, I saw her yesterday at the hospital and told her I loved her she responded that I was always her favorite niece and closed her eyes to sleep,it was like relieving my mother's death a year ago but she is my Dad's sister and a part of him, its like losing them both all over again.I can't concentrate on much and I am needed away from home I will be back soon when things settle a bit.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Snow Storm !

News Flash!!

Were in the middle of our first major snow storm !!
Its really heavy snow and so far maybe 5-6 inches has fallen with no sign of slowing down !
The cars are all slipping and sliding !
I think its winter!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Love Lucy Apron !!!

Recently I was the winner of a giveaway, the very wonderful Bonnie at Calamity Jane's Cottage sent me this gorgeous apron called (((~The I Love You Lucy Apron~))
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I Love It!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It will be worn with pride and love you can be sure of that !!
She sent me a wonderful magazine to enjoy as if the apron wasen't enough !!!

Here I am getting ready to make an apple pie wearing my very own I just soooo love the color apron from Bonnie at Calamity Jane's Cottage
Thanks Bonnie !!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Every Winter !!

I will start off by saying everyone in the house is well~~~~~AMEN!!
Thank you all so much for your words of comfort it actually means a lot to me knowing someone out there actually cares enough to say so.Thank you!!

I feel terrible ...every time I come near my hubby and mother in law with my little box they cringe .......they know I want a blood sample but they both know its for their own good and well being.
But its working ... my little system if it aint broke don't fix it right!!!

Now for my little story and pictures to go with it, every noon time we got for a coffee at a nearby lake, its to get out of the house get some air, in summer we watch the ducks its a truly lovely little place to go relax, many people walk around the lake year round,and the beauty of it is............. its right in center of town!

We feed the birds and ducks in summer but as you know they are capable of finding their own dinner most of the time, but in winter they need a bit of help, its so sad watching them all puffed up trying to stay warm and here we are sitting in a nice warm car sipping our noon time Timmy coffee.

So a few years ago we started feeding the birds who are there at lunch time , we bring a huge bag of seed ....... they know the color of our car now and we can hardly get out the door to open the trunk and rescue the seed bag for them.
My wonderful generous son feeds them every day , he gives them the whole bag of seeds weighing about 18 pounds.
Today I took a few pictures so you could see what we see every day.Just watching them peck frantically is all the thanks we need.

Here we are trying to get out of the car to walk to the trunk of the car, they KNOW US!!!
They know here comes food!!!

This little guy is making sure were not holding out on him!!

Here is my son feeding the birds the whole 18 pound bag!!

They have calmed down now to eat and they peck away furiously!!

We even attracted a crow or two looking for a free meal !
I know they are pigeons and most people look down on them but they are one of God's little creatures and need a little help in our very cold winters.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Life is not fair

Here is what's happened, as you all know last week my wonderful hubby had a diabetic seizure and it half scared me to death, but no permanent damage was done and today he is fine.
This morning my MIL who lives with us, had a diabetic seizure as well, once again the ambulance was called and zipped her away to the hospital, and she was out by 4 pm,tonight she is well,but all this is taking a toll on poor little me, I don't know how much more trauma's I can take.......
I am doing my best with both of them but its a lot on my shoulders.Does anyone know what I mean???
I am sorry and apologize in advance if I don't get to visit for a day or two

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag Now Your It!!

I was tagged byMary Ellen at Its me I Think its called~~ 5 Things Tag/game.................So here it goes..........

5 Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago
1. Working
2. Working
3. Working
4. Working
5. Did I mention I was working a lot
5 Things On My To Do List
1. Start losing weight again
2. Start some serious house cleaning
3.Make new pysanky dyes
4. Start thinking of Christmas
5. Make time for hubby and I
5 Things I like To Snack On
1. Puffed rice ( I just love this stuff)
2. Popcorn
3. Popcicles
4. Oatmeal cookies
5. Fruit(notice I put fruit on the bottom but I do eat it a lot)

5 Things I Would Do If I Was a Millionaire
1. Help my children
2. Build a new house
3. Have my own little cottage.........away from people
4. Build myself an enclosed garden
5. Invest

5 Places I have Lived
1. Timmins
2. NorthBay

5 Jobs I have Had
1. Certified Hairdresser
2. Floral Shop making funeral arrangement
3. Made perfume with a certified parfumier in a speciality shop
4. Receptionist
5. Head cashier/supervisor for major grocery store

There ya go and if you want to play along go right ahead but let me know so I can come visit!

My Dad

Its been 9 long years today since my Dad passed away, I miss him so much I miss his presence in my life.I know he is with my mother, his wife of 50 years and that makes it bearable for me to know they are together for eternity.

The one most remarkable thing about my Dad that I can tell you is that he was the most honest and trustworthy person I ever knew.

Before his health started failing he would go out and run his 5 miles a day until he could only jog them, then it slowed down to a walk he never ever gave up he was my hero.
He has such will power.
My Dad is on the left his twin sister on the right.
In the picture an uncle is holding the twins he is on the left.I have those little shoes!!!
Aren't they precious children!

This is my Dad with a younger sister.
This is my Dad with his mother he is the little boy on the left,my Grandmother had one more daughter after this when my Dad turned~~~ 20 !!! Yes you read that right!
He was a very active handsome young man!
This was the year he met my mother, look how damn handsome he is !!
Many people said he looked like Clark Gable.
He married Mom in 1949He was a Sergeant on the Police Force for many many years.
Dad and I................ can you tell I was Daddy's little girl??
I am still my Dad's girl , maybe not so little anymore but I am his daughter and he is my father and I miss him .

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lest We Forget Them On Remembrance day

To all the soldiers I bow my head and offer a prayer in thanks for your sacrifices.

Hubby is as Mad as a Hornet !!! LOL!!!

Let me back up the story here.........
Halloween is over and of course everyone has left over candy and ((stuff)) we are no exception because we only had 8 kids knock on our door but hubby always prepares for a lot more kids,the way my hubby bought the darn stuff he thought half the city was going to come trick or treating at out house.(( Let's face it he thinks like a squirrel and was gonna make sure he padded his junk supply nicely)) !!!

And of course you all know he had a diabetic seizure on Thursday of last week, that landed him in the hospital for days and scared me half to death ,so.......... while he was in the hospital I took it upon myself and gave away every last chocolate bar he had and everything else he squirreled away to a young lady who was very greatfull because she is a chocoholic and was only too happy to take the ((Stuff)) off my hands.~~~She told me through the happy tears she would suffer thought it !! LOL!!!

BUT~~~~~~ when hubby came home and a day later he started looking for his goodies, he hasen't asked me yet where it all is.... Lord I hope he doesen't .....LOL!!!
I will tell him I gave it to another squirrel or something !!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Just wanted to show you that it snowed last night and its suppose to snow all week according to the weather man.This is the view from my back door.That's an elm tree we have there its huge and covers half the house with a canopy of leaves in the summer .
This will not be the only snow picture trust me there will be more!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Only Good News !

Yup good news!!
Hubby got out of the hospital today with a fist full of prescriptions .He was so happy to get out he didn't notice that it was raining cats and dogs,all he saw was sunshine!
His sugar is under control and its all good...........phew..........

That was one very scary episode I am more than happy to have behind me.
He knows he has to be a good boy now,its not easy after 60 years of eating however way he want and to be told differently.Altho this crisis was not his fault it was a pill that was given to him that was way too strong for his body.

This hospital visit the doctor assigned to him could not have been nicer and more caring,in our home town hospital when you go to the hospital you do not get your own family doctor you get which ever doctor is is working that week, and they change weekly,why they do that I don't know.

All he wanted was a hot shower and fresh PJ's and his favourite chair followed by a bowl of soup and a sandwich, then he declared himself at home.
Its all good now.....
I am so tired that the word tired is not enough to describe how I feel ,I need a hot shower too and fresh PJ's and a nice long lay down, then I will be myself.
Thank you so much for the kind words it means a lot to me.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bad News--------- Good News

Bad News~~

I will be away for a few days my hubby is in the hospital, he had a very bad reaction to a pill he took for his diabetes and it gave him a diabetic seizure, it happened at 7.30 in the morning,it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen.We had 2 ambulances in front of the house and a house full of big paramedics going every which way.It was so stressfull for me you cannot imagine.

Good News ~~~

He is ok, still in the hospital but ok, his blood sugars are a lot better but they have to remain like that for a few days before they discharge him.

Its been a scary few days,lots of ups and downs,and seeing him like that in bed beside me was so traumatic,I thought he was having a stroke, its what his seizure looked like to me.
I have been at the hospital day and night and I am tired ,so my dears I will see you in a day or two.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I WON I WON I WON !!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe how lucky I am I won this gorgeous~~~ I LOVE LUCY APRON~~~ from Bonnie at Calamity Jane's Cottage !!!!!!!

Its adorable I cannot wait to wear it !!!
First thing I will make while wearing it is an apple pie and I will take a picture to show everyone!!!
I am just tickled pink!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meme Today!

I got this meme from Sally at Smiling Sally go visit her ,she loves BOOKS!!!!

1. Where is your cell phone.~~ Purse

2. Where is your significant other?~~ Out Shopping

3. Your hair color? ~~~Brownish

4. Your Mother? ~~~Passed Away

5. Your Father?~~~ Passed Away

6. Your favorite thing?~~~ Crafting and Reading

7. Your dream last night? ~~~Did not dream

8. Your dream goal?~~~ Been there !

9. The room you're in? ~~~Bedroom/Office

10. Your hobby?~~~Crafting ,reading, blogging

11. Your fear?~~~~ Getting deathly sick

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ~~~Home

13. Where were you last night?~~~~Went out for a coffee and a ride and then home to watch the elections!

14. What you are not?~~~ A redhead

15. One of your wish list items?~~~~~ Travel

16. Where you grew up?~~~~ Timmins Ontario Canada

17. The last thing you did?~~~ Make breakfast(porridge)

18. What are you wearing?~~~~ comfy clothes

19. Your TV? ~~~~~Bedroom

20. Your Pet?~~~ Passed away

21. Your computer? ~~~ Son built it for me

22. Your Mood? ~~~Smiling

23. Missing someone?~~~~ Mom and Kelly

24. Your car?~~~~~ Chev and Toyota

25. Something you're not wearing?...... Shoes (toe still pains me)

26. Favorite Store?~~~~Micheal's

27. Your summer?~~~~~ Wet

28. Love someone?~~~~~ With all my heart

29. Your favorite color? ~~~ Yellow

30. When was the last time you laughed?~~~~ Yesterday

31. When was the last time you cried?~~~~ Remembering Mom

PS~~~~ I must confess I added this little illustration that I borrowed from Smiling Sally
Cuz it was so darn cute!!