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Monday, February 16, 2009

An Accident

I will be out of commission a little while yesterday I broke my right arm while skidooing,today I feel like a school bus ran over me,I need not to move much for a while,because it hurts a lot and I am not wimpy I broke it near my shoulder,the big bone what ever its called I will be around to visit but not today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flower Garden Quilt !

I have been busy making flowers for my quilt ,my little fingers fly over material, I love having so much material on hand, I get to chose a different pattern for each flower.Its exciting!

As of today I have 90 flowers made,at the beginning I sewed a few together to see what it would look like, now I am just concentrating on making the flowers, wonder how many I need to make ?? does anyone out there know ????
If you do please drop me a line !!
Eventually I will have to sew them together for now I am content just making them.
Keeps my fingers busy ! (( I am so easy to keep happy))

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Would you believe more snow ???

This is the corner of our house ,its just a winter wonderland!
Look how high some snowbanks are, check out the Wendy's sign and the street lights !!
Hubby cleaning the snow in the driveway in the back !Of course we are feeding out little pigeon friends every day,not that many showed up for lunch today but they can still polish off a huge bag of seed.
The stop sign is half buried in front of the house !!!
You won't believe this video of our snow situation!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A skidoo Ride in a Blizzard !!!

Many of you ladies probably never went on a skidoo ride in the country so I will take you for a spin .. you wont need much.... I had to wear 2 pairs of longjohns, 3 turtle neck shirts,2 pairs of woolen socks,ski pants, a skidoo jacket lined with a fleece jacket, fleece gloves with a pair of triple lined leather long mitts,a balaklava, a helmet that plugs into the machine to keep the face guard frost free,boots that are for minus 50 below weather, and I put hand pocket warmers in each mitt and brought along a spare set.
You will think these pictures are taken with black and white film .... I didn't it was a new digital camera, BUT remember now we went for a ride in a blizzard today !!
****************************At the end of this post are 3 short video's for you to see !!!

Ready set... waddle out to the machine......

The photo on the left is on the middle of Porcupine Lake those little cabins you see are ice fishing huts, as soon as the lake freezes over some people put the huts there and go ice fishing every weekend.That's a truck on the lake, the ice is about 3 to 4 feet deep!!!

This a picture of 2 people walking in a blizzard on the middle of a lake in jeans and jacket only carrying an ice oger... we could not believe our eyes!!!