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Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Issues

Were going through some family issues right now,I have a lot going on .....
I will be back soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

African Violets in A Basket

My mother gave me the basket years ago , this is how it looks today I just wanted to show you how pretty it is.The violets are all in bloom at the same time.Except for one in the back, I turned it to face the sun ( its diffused light)so it would remember to do what its suppose to do and flower like the others..
African Violets are so easy to grow for me ,I water when they are dry not before and dont put any water on the leaves or else the leaves rot and fall off and basically ignore them , they don't like to be touched so just look with your eyes not with your hands...

This is the other one I have ,it bloomed at the same time,its also facing the sun in diffused light.
My son had an African Violet plant my mother gave him when he was in university years ago that thing grew into giant proportions and had flowers all the time.....being a young busy man my advice to ignore worked for him ...LOL!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Raining hard today>> perfect for ducks and loons !!!

It was a wonderful day at the lake we have in the middle of town , today we were treated to a peek by 2 loons with their 2 little fuzzy babies.
Those 2 loons are wonderful parents, one would stay with the babies when the other one dove for food and they would take turns giving rides on their backs to the babies too.
They dont like people and dont come this close to shore, but today it was raining quite hard and no one was walking around the lake to disturb them.
I went straight home for my camera and it was so worth it !!
Look what we saw ! Nature at its best !!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have been doing some crochet

Not the greatest photo I ever took, its tungsten light and we all know how awful that is so the colors are not true, to be honest I forgot how to set my white balance on the camera.... duh....
but you get the idea of what I am doing, and no the granny squares are not in order that I will do in the finished afghan,I will add a cream color in between like the color on the edge of each square.Its fun and relaxing and mindless work..... I need mindless right now to keep my mind busy,and this works !

Monday, June 14, 2010

Annie's Place

My daughter's friend Annie, recently moved into her very first apartment and I decided to make her a little welcoming gift.
First of all I made her a banner of yellow crepe paper rosettes the edges had deep purple sparkles I spelled Annie's Place on buttons in the center of each rosette and did I take a picture... nope I forgot ... just take my word for it ... it was so cute !
I did remember to take a picture of her little bird house tho and here it is.
What you can't see is when you peek inside I added a black kitten that said Live Love Laugh.

The photo dosen't do it justice, the color is a deep burgandy/purple with gold .
Its over the top just like our sweet Annie is !!!
I haven't seen Annie's new place yet but I hope to sometime this summer soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Peony's Are Here !

The white ones have a scent I think like I expect heaven would smell !
You put your nose up to all that white delishiousness and inhale wow ...... nothing like it !
I wait all year for that smell !!
Last year I planted 2 new colors one took and one didn't .
This lovely pink peony decided to stay and give me flowers !!
I am searching now for pale pink and deep burgandy red plants.
I hope I find them !
I have flowers growing in my yard ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it ??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I want to wish my much much younger brother (11 months) a very Happy Birthday !!!!Isin't he just the handsomest little boy you ever saw !!
Of course that little girl is pretty cute too !!!
Happy Birthday Marcel I Love You Very Much !!!
You may be younger but I am still cuter !!!

Silent Auction and A Flea market

This weekend was the most relaxing in a long while, hubby and I just took off and did things together,it was to take a break from certain obligations, in other words we needed to get away but couldn't leave the house for reason's beyond our control so we did the next best thing, we had a mini staycation.

One of our most favorite thing to do years ago was go antique hunting, and this weekend was a silent auction and flea market at a local church.One of our dear friends was putting it on and this lady collects antiques big time !
We bid on 3 things and won all 3 !

For my hubby who loves anything relating to a milk product... we won a milk can, and a vintage milk bottle from the 1900 from a local dairy, and some Magic Cream Siphon Straws from 1920, and a delicate cardboard container for eggs from 1934, and some milk caps, he was so happy with his winnings, he has has quite the collection of milk bottles etc... been collecting for some 25 years.

I bid on 2 pictures one was framed and one was an unframed print, both relate to the area we live in, the print I will get done in a frame with mat etc and give to my brother in law when he turns 70 next year he will just adore it.

Then we did a few yard sales that were on the way, that was fun, I didn't pick up too much , a handfull of jewelry that I will separate into beads and recycle into other jewelry and I found a vintage bean crock pot with the #3 crown on it, it was in perfect shape , just a little dirty but its not like I will use it I just wanted it and some strawberry glasses I can just taste the lemonade in them already !

One lady wanted to sell me some clothing she had out on a table... I felt badly to walk away, but I don't buy other people's clothing ,esp covered in hair... yuk... does that happen to you too?

Then we took ourselves for lunch and enjoyed it.......... then took all of our treasures home and left again for a ride to where ever the car took us.... (it took us to Micheals I needed a good look around and I bought more wool for my granny squares)
Well you get the picture... we did that all weekend long and it was wonderful !

Update on the retaining rock wall.~
Oh Hubby and a neighbor worked on the retaining rock wall, all it needs now is cement, but hubby was too tired to do anymore, so maybe this weekend coming we will attack it together.The neighbor will also put out some cages to catch this critter,lets hope it works!

Here are a few pictures we took, I didn't take a picture of the crock pot I don't know why and I noticed I forgot to take a picture of a few other things ... oh welllllllll... but here are some of our purchases over the weekend.