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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ottawa is a huge city, but its got that small town feel as well, especially in the market.
The market wasen't in full operation its a bit early yet,its one of my favorite places to go see and experience,I love getting a cold drink and sit in one of the outdoor cafe's and watch the shoppers go by.
I really enjoyed my week there with my daughter and my son,after breaking my arm recently I needed the getaway,I can feel my normal coming back now.
This time my daughter took extra time off and took me to Messina to shop,yup I was in the good old USA for all of 4-5 hours.Its about 2 hours from Ottawa by Cornwall way.
We love going to a few stores there and ending with a trip to a grocery store,I cannot beleive the variety they get that we dont.... why do you American's get such a huge variety of everything to compare to us??
We filled up the car with goodies and because it was mostly grocery items we bought we didn't have to pay duty.
We eat out every night internationally I just love that... and no dishes !!(( Best part))
Ottawa is a gorgeous city well worth the visit with its museums and different places of interest.
I didn't take these pictures myself but I wanted you to see a little bit of what I am talking about.
Have you ever been there???

PS ... Its going to be a rainy week you know what that means????
The snow is going .... going... not gone yet but at least there is hope the way not a speck of it in Ottawa I was in a tshirt all week,coming home to piles of it was not easy after such a sunny warm week....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter !!

I hope each of you has a wonderful Easter with your family.I am going to visit my daughter for a week,I can't wait to escape my winter wonderland for greener pastures.
Take care
PS~~ Its still snowing its been 6 days in a row of snow fall its unbelievable this year !!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Were still buried under a ton of snow !!

Check out that snowbank !!! That's in my front yard at this moment !!
Do you see the neighbors van there .... look for it above the snow bank ......see it now????
This is the neighbor snowblowing his back yard across the street !
This is my hubby shoveling out the car, do you see it???? its right in front of him under that snow !!
This is what I see every morning when I look out the picture window !!
We had ~~ANOTHER SNOW STORM~~ yesterday it was a doosy, they are calling for snow most days this week...............sigh.....................
Some of my dear friends in the blog world are showing their gorgeous flowers in their gardens, and all I have to show is my gray and white world, no flowers here not a single one.

This weekend I am leaving for Ottawa to visit my daughter, she tells me I wont need my winter jacket or boots, just Tshirts and light sweaters..... wow...... it will be heavenly.... but then I will come back to probably more snow than when I left..........sigh........
What can you do when you live in a snowglobe.......who ever is shaking my world can you give it a break till next year please!!!! (( Ha))

What's the weather been like in your neck of the world??

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why~~~~~~~ I want to Know Why ???????

Dont be one of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you come to a blog sneak a peek then run without leaving a comment?????

Are you one of those???

A lurker ????? A Peeker????? A sneaker peeker???

Go ahead sneak a peek , poke around , read my blog, but please leave a comment.
Pretty Please with sugar on it !!!

I noticed that I get over a 150 hits a day but very few comments,if your one of those , say Hello, I promise not to bite !!
Good comments ,bad comments it does not matter but ~~~~~~~~ Please leave a comment !
Go on I double dare you to say Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!