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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gambling Weekend!!

Did you ever get an urge on the spur of the moment?? And actually did what ever it is you had an urge to do??? Is it ever a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

On Friday we were discussing what we should do over the weekend,and the unanimous decision was to go to Sudbury , hit the casino and go shopping ,do Costco last before we left we packed an over night bag and I made reservations at a hotel, and......... away we went,Sudbury is not terribly far from us its about 3 and a half hours by car, we live so far North , nothing is close to us..........sigh...............

At the hotel they had a promotion for the Casino, since we had planned to go anyway it was great, they gave us each $15.00 to play, and all sorts of special entries in draws to be held, and on our way out they gave us each a gift , they gave me a pink over night bag, its really cute ,and the boys each got some tools in a canvas bag, we couldn't believe it!
****** Best of all we all won some money!!! My hubby was the big winner$ 500.00, I won $100.00, and my son won $6.00, a win is Casino money you LEAVE WITH !!

We did some shopping and drove around Sudbury, and had a few great meals, then drove home.The car was full of goodies from shopping and our pockets were still nicely lined with our winnings,it was a wonderful weekend!!!!

Today we will either go to the shooting range and get some practice in or we will go on the ATV,what ever we do it will be low key.

Our Labour Day weekend has been fun so far !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Tutorial Your Gonna Just love !!!

This is one my son actually showed me and I just love it, when I started to blog I told him how difficult it was to check everyone's blog every day as I was beginning to have quite a few I really enjoyed to follow along.But I found it tedious.

He said I have the solution its called SAGE-TOO, what it does is keeps track of everyone's blog in a list and when someone adds a new post it highlights that person's blog for me !!!
Is that too neat or what!!!! No more checking blogs that haven't been updated for hours on end!

Ladies its dead easy I tell ya !!!

Only one thing you must know before we begin is do you have Firefox 2 ?? Or do you have Firefox 3????

#1 If you have Firefox 2 you must download this version in your google box
Just type in the word sage

#2 If you have Firefox 3 you must download this version in your google box
Just type in sage-too
And download the program.Ok so far so good??

Ok now the fun part, when you have a blog you like and want to add all you do is click on the second icon to the left ,the yellow magnifying glass, when your looking at that particular blog,presto its added to your list.
That's it!!!
When that blog is updated it will be highlighted in dark black , and that means quick quick like a bunny go check that person's blog cuz they have added a new post, and you dont have to check every 5 minutes ever again!!!!!!!

Is that toooo neat or what!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tutorial ~~ How to make a photo smaller !!!

I have had some ladies ask me how do I make my photo's smaller.Its EASY ladies, but I understand when you don't know how of course its not easy to you.
Believe me I was there too,I know the feeling......

First of all your going to download a free program called
Then after you have downloaded the program, you find the image you want to reduce in size,right click on the image and go to( Open with

#1Go to( Resize) its on the right

#2 then click on (BY Percentage), at this point I do 50%,you keep reducing until its the size you wish, you can do an odd number like 80% you don't have to use the 50% its just a suggestion.

#3 go to (File)

#4 go to (Save As) At this point you save your image in the folder you wish,if you don't know about folders save it to your desktop , that's where you will find your image after you have saved it.
*** Important*** when you save your image write the word ((SMALL)) after what ever you call your picture because if you don't it will not save the original image ,**example (( Diane's Eggs Small))

#5 the size after reduction should be anywhere from 150-250KB, not any larger than that for email purposes.

That's it honestly its not any harder than that.If there is anything else you would like to know how to.... I will be only too glad to help if I can......

I hope you understand what I did here if not send me an email I will try and help .
Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last of the Quebec City Pictures !!

A guard at the Citadelle

This house is on the Island Of Orleans

This mountain top is in Saguenay
Le Lapin Saute is a restaurant in Petit Champlain
This door is hand carved and painted , its really something to see up close,it goes into a small boutique specializing in Native Art in Petit Champlain
This is Ste Anne De Beaupre from the other side on Rue Royale
Saguenay Fjord mountain top
Some of the Giants, the one to the left is Champlain
A sweet window with flowers.
This is near the Chateau.

I do hope I have inspired you to go see this beautiful city and do yourself a favor and go during Les Fete De Nouvelle France, you wont regret it and it will be unforgettable.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quebec City Pictures !!!

This Is Montmorency Falls ,its just spectacular to see you can feel the power of the water under your feet when your near it,it is higher than Niagara Falls by 30 meters ,it cascades down 83 meters,on the right you see a mountain that has steps that you can actually climb down or up depending on where your going.We took the cable car up, no way on earth could anything motivate me to walk up all those steps, and heights don't bother me so up I went to explore the grounds, when you get up there you see a beautiful Manor that use to be someone's mansion turned into a splendid hotel,the flowers are so beautiful the grounds so well manicured, and the falls themselves quite a sight !!

This is St Anne De Beaupre Cathedral,its so beautiful, when we got there , a mass was ongoing so we didn't interupt by investigating the church as we have on other occasions that we visited.
This is the inside of the church from the wayyy back, I am sorry about that but as I said the mass was in progress and they were celebrating 350 years of the cathedral .
This church is special also but not on the grand scale of the Cathedral, this one is called notre Dame De La Victoire it was built in 1687, its in the oldest part of Quebec City in Place Royal, near Petit Champlain .
This is the inside of the church the boat you see on the ceiling was found some 300 years ago under some debris and was hung in the church for safe keeping and is still hanging there today.I lit candles for my Mom and Dad in that special little church.
These cannons were at the very top of the Citadelle near the Govenor General residence we were fortunate enough to have a private tour.Accross the St Laurence you see Levis.

This is part of the old wall , they fortified Quebec City to protect it,all the streets in Quebec City are narrow and steep because of course it was built on a very high hill top.
This cannon ball is there on St Louis Street today! During the battle with Wolfe and Montcalm they were firing the cannons and this one ended up right here and a tree grew around it ! Amaizing !!!
These are leeks, they grow by the millions on what else..........Onion Point!! Its on the Island of Orleans.

This is me on the Island of Orleans we had just visited an Apple Cidery, they make apple ciders and wines etc... and after sampling the delicious elixior (trust me it was good) they won a silver medal for the hard apple cider bottle I am holding( I might save that baby for our Christmas ham what do you think? maybe I should not waste it on meat!), and I bought a bottle of apple ice wine that they won a gold medal for.Yummo I haven't opened them yet...... but I will !!!

This is the famous Funiculaire !! I t was origianlly Louis Joliette's house, but you see the Chateau Frontenac is right behind it and you can of course use the steps to get down to Petit Champlain to shop but remember I don't do stairs (( Not by the hundreds anyway)) so you take the funiculaire to go up to the chateau or down to the boutiques, here is the view from inside the funiculaire.
Yikes right!!! Really its not so bad its steep tho I must say but everywhere you go in Quebec city its high and narrow and steep !! Its unforgettable !!