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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bush Ride in the North !

I recently went with my son for a long long ride in the bush on his ATV,to Bow and Arrow Lake,and we drove all the way to Silvia Chutes, what a sight I wish I could have had a closer look but I was scared to ,its very steep .
2 creeks run into each other and down a narrow rock tunnel to form the chutes its so beautiful there
I could of stood there all day just listening to the water rushing by ....
I packed a little picnic and we eat it right there beside the water all while watching for bears... yikes... apparently they like turkey sandwiches too ... haha !

Here I am at Silvia Chutes,dressed in orange its hunting season up here and in the bush you must wear at least 400 square inches of orange its the law, I also had an orange helmet to wear that isin't in the picture. This gives you an idea how high up we were.

We saw lots of partridge, we only shoot with a camera, this little guy was holding so still trying so hard to blend in with the scenery.
Saw lots of moose fresh tracks from the early morning, we could see it was a cow moose with her calf walking along..

We spotted a hawk but it was quite far and quite fast , it was going in circles maybe it had spotted its lunch ?

These rocks are very special as many of you southerners may never get to see something like this is called "glacial erratic," a rock carried a distance from its origin by a glacier and then deposited when the glacier melts.( I told you I lived up north this proves it)

A new bridge in the middle of nowhere...

This lake is called Whitefish Lake and it was such a gorgeous scene with the clouds reflecting in the water which was as smooth as glass.Pretty up here !
That my friends was my ride in the northern country !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It looks great now !

This is the professional crew I hired after the first guy made such a mess, these guys were just that.... very professional !
They worked for 12 hours that day non stop, they fixed up the mess the first guy did too with the curled shingles and the crooked shingles.

Its a messy job laying a new roof and altho they did pick everything up and they passed a magnetic wand over the grass to pick up nails I am still picking them up, last thing I need in the spring is to buy a new lawn mower or have a nail fly up and hurt someone.

I had them add blown insulation while they were in the attic, they told me I had next to nothing up there and in our cold winters I need all the help I can get to keep warm.
Bonus!!~ Already I feel the house is warmer and the heat dosen't go on nearly as much.Yipeee!!

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home !!
Now here is a funny story about the color of the shingles, John and I were discussing the color just before he passed away , we knew we needed a new roof and we were going to do it before winter, we totally disagreed on the color, I wanted solid black and John wanted gray.
When I ordered the shingles I asked for black,( John passed away so he no longer got a vote ... hey when you pass away and you don't get a say !)and as they were putting it up I could not help but laugh out loud.... the color was called Midnight Black..... tell me now does that roof look black to you ??
Its a very dark gray and black.How's that for funny we both got what we wanted and I could not be happier I just love it because its both colors !!

Now in the meantime I made 2 cat beds for my daughter's sweetypies Freda and Deuce.
I found 2 100% pure wool blankets at the thrift store and washed them in clorox and made sure they smelled clean and sweet. I didn't use a pattern I just kinda eyed it for size and I bought 2 foam pads for twin beds its amaizing how much it needs really to make it soft and inviting for them.
It was a good project for me to keep my fingers busy, with the rest of the wool I am making a sort of pad for them to lay on the couch,I will take a picture when I am done the pad.
I am pleased with it I am adding leaf appliques on it to use up the precious wool bits.I am getting a new leather couch soon and I really want to give them a little bit of comfort .

So here are the cat beds I made.. pretty neat eh !

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project New Roof !

Its time for a new roof, the old one is about 15 or so years old and I knew it was time to do it, we started with a new chimney and it looked great when it was finished ,the guy did a gorgeous job, if chimneys are gorgeous, this one is !

The guy who did our chimney offered to do my roof and I agreed, he started in the back and worked all day and did a quarter of the house, then the rains came he he didn't for the better part of 2 weeks, I wasen't happy with his job all the new shingles were curled up to the sky, it looked worst than my old roof, today he finally came back and I quized him on the curling shingles he assured me that they would eventually lay down ,hummmmmmmmm........

I called my hubby's best friend who is a master mason, he has built a lot of houses and did this sort of thing for a living and I value his opinion just simply based on being a close long time friend.He told me the roof guy didn't have a clue of what he was doing , nothing was even and he ruined the shingles he did on his first day.Meaning I would have to have it re-done.And pay for the same service and product twice.

Today my roof guy came I let him work half the day then I could see he was doing it again so I asked him to stop working and I paid him and asked him to leave, his mouth dropped !

There are many firsts for me since John passed away and again today was a first for me.....
Standing up for myself and my home that was hard earned and I am very proud of > I fired the man right then and there on the spot for doing a bad job.He had no pride in his work and it showed, he was more concerned about his hour long smoke breaks...

I called a professional company that came withing a half hour , and did more in 15 minutes than the guy did in 2 days.And they will redo the crooked curled shingles in the back.And spray insulation in the attic and do the soffit and fashia work as well.

Today I became the ((Man Of The House )) and stood up for myself and my principal and work ethics !!

I didn't like doing it but the thought of looking at a badly shingled roof for the better part of 20 years I just could not accept his shoddy work .

Tomorrow 7 am the rest of the roof is going up !!