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Friday, November 19, 2010

Time to catch up

This photo of my MIL and myself was taken on November 12 it was to celebrate her
90th Birthday ! Is that special or what !!
90 years old that my friends is a full well lived life !
This little lady was married for 60 years before her husband passed away and has 4 children of which I was fortunate enough to have been in love and married to her second son for 40 years
She always has a smile and is the most agreeable person I know.
She was not afraid of work and did a lot of charity and volunteering too in her spare time.
She was quite the little bridge player too in her day.
She also has alzheimers and has lived with me for 10 years.
She wants to go to a nursing home to live to be more social and meet friends on a day to day basis.She is looking forward to the second half of her life as she calls it.

We had 2 family parties for her one at home here and one at my brother in law's home, we had family members come from far to attend, it was of course very special and we took lots of family photos.
I made her an album of her very own, in it I put everyone's photo of her special day and I added everyone's name in huge block letters as she cannot remember anyone's name anymore.
She was so happy with her album she carries it everywhere to show it off.When I gave it to her she was so happy just to see her smile was worth making it for her.
This is my MIL Cecile on her 90th Birthday!

A bit of this and that.............

I have been busy with yard work, doing leaves the never ending leaves 29 extra large bags of leaves, we live on a corner lot and I have a huge big old elm tree in my back yard , I love that tree in the summer its branches act like a canopy over the yard but come fall I sure pay the price for all that shade.
My hubby use to do it all, I never truly appreciated how tired he must have been after doing those leaves.I did 6 bags myself and had to stop my back is killing me, I asked a friend if his grandsons wanted to make some money (they did) and they finished the yard for me.
I was happy to see the end of the leaves in the bags and what satisfaction to see it finished .

Next year I will be a little smarter and buy a lawn mower with a leaf mulcher and bag !
Why didnt we think of that before ??

I have a new leather couch now and I am looking for new curtains for the living room.I need a new look.... know what I mean... I am sure you do !

These days find me busy as my daughter is moving and she brought me her 2 cats to catsit.
Freda and Deuce are the most lovable and funny little creatures.
They keep me laughing and busy ,they need lots of attention because their Mommy is not with them until the end of the month.
I play with string and with feathers and balls and give out little treat snacks.
On any given night I will have one or the other in bed with me seeking love and attention by sitting on my chest and purring.
They want their food bowls filled promptly at 8ish every morning thank you very much......
They keep me smiling and busy and right now that's what I need !

I haven't crafted much but I am working on a needlepoint piece of a hydrangea that I started way back when,I make a good cuppa and go sit on my brand new couch and work on it, I find that soothing it relaxes me.

I had the car fixed last week it needed a new exhaust system and the gas tank leaked, don't ask me what I spent to have it done...... holy cow batman....... !!!

Tomorrow morning I am going to buy a new snow blower its a 30 inch monster with a huge motor,(did I ever mention we got a lot of snow up here?) its on sale thank goodness... its very expensive even on sale.....we will take our trailer to the store to pick it up ,it will be a huge thing that wont fit in the car....LOL!!!

Pretty much that's what's been happening in my life.... I keep busy,if I stop for too long I get sad and want to cry, I am still not over John's death by a long shot I don't think I ever will be over his passing I miss him more each day.They say God only gives you what you can handle.... well I must be super woman I guess (its what everyone tells me)........never thought of myself like that but if the shoe fits......