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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can you stand to see a few more ???

I just had to show you a few more pics !
Just look at those stilt walkers and this was up hill too , check out their little teeny tiny shoes, is that not just halarious !!! I don't know how they hold their balance !!

This was in the oldest part of Quebec City, that sign makes me smile.......... ignore than man I have no idea who he was........... with a gazillion people milling around there is always some stranger's face or head in a shot..... ever get that ?/ So frustrating....

This was on the Island of Orleans , just look at that blue hydrangea bush, I have never ever seen blue hydrangea's except in small potted plants at Easter,I just had to take a picture of it, and will ya just look at the antiques on that old porch...

Will ya look at that window so simple..... it was on Orleans Island

Look at these spectacular doors !!! This was the front door to the cathedral of Ste Anne De Beaupre, you could not help but admire the work that went into those doors.

On the trip I spotted someone famous !!!!

Oh yeah......... and it gets better !!!!!!!!!!
Yup its Jack Sparrow !!!!
Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character from the who is portrayed by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

I was tickled pink !!!! Altho I know I didn't look it there.. we had walked so much that day in over 100 degree heat with a million tourists ,I was hot.... thirsty.... tired... and my knee was killing me.... but no way was I going to miss a chance to have my pic taken with him.!!!

This is called Place Royale in Petit Champlain the oldest part of Quebec City, those houses you see go back to the 17th century, simply delightful to see !!

Your wondering did I stop to smell the roses along the way ???
Why yes I did do that

Now if I can just get my crafting mojo back in gear I will be just fine. While I was gone hubby got rid of all my old pysanky dyes, I was so greatful to him ,he bought me all new wide mouth jars to start over with fresh dyes.I just need to get to it.............

Right now I am knitting my daughter's little cat Freda a sitting/sleeping mat with multicolored wool, it was something to do while my knee was upset with me I need to finish it before I move onto another project..... I am so bad for starting something and not finishing.......... like the quilt but I have an excuse for that one.... my poor fingers were in pain.
So my good friends one thing and one day at a time... right !!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Forgot to mention the very first part of our trip !

My son and I went to The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, they were having a showing of Art from Papal Rome, Renaissance Italian Art ,it was arranged chronological by Pope from 1483 to 1609.
We saw rare works of art by Michelangelo, Greco,Vasari,Boroca, Raphael and Carracci and many others.
It was wonderful to wander from room to room viewing these masterpieces !!
I got my quota of culture on this trip !!!
So sorry about the tiny pictures of the gallery and paintings I had to download them from the internet because as all of you know your not allowed to take pics in any art gallery.

The first week we spent with my daughter in Ottawa, I enjoyed that so much ...
I get to spend quality one on one time with her,she makes me laugh like no one else can,I always said~~~~ she was my sunshine !!!

We went to the markets quite a bit, did some shopping, I even went to work with my daughter one day !

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back !

A view from the Island of Orleans

Ste Anne De Beaupre near Quebec City
Inside Ste Anne De Beaupre

A lighthouse on the way to Tobermory on the big ferry called Chi-Chemaun

A perfect view of Manitoulin Islands

We fed trouts on a fish farm.

Chez Marie an old bakery from the 1600, it bakes its bread outside in huge brick ovens .


She was making a fishing net !

People in costumes in Quebec City
Stilt walkers , they went uphill walking on coblestones !

This cannon ball grew surrounded by this tree in Quebec City its from the was of 1759.

This is the back of the Chateau facing the St Laurence river where we had High Tea inside the tall glass windows.
High Tea ...soo delish !

Beautiful Chateau Frontenac where we had High Tea.

Cable Car ride up to the Falls.
Montmorency Falls on the Louis Joliette

Farmland in Quebec near the city.
The fortification wall of Old Quebec City built in the 1700,its near St Louis Street
This is the Avon River that flows through the town of Stratford.
A statue of Shakespeare outside the Theatre
The Festival Theatre in Stratford, where we watched our 3 Shakespeare plays.

The trip was delightful we were gone almost 3 weeks, the plays were beyond my expectations, when ever I see the name Colm Fiore I will go see any play that man is in, he was fantastic !
Of the 3 plays Cirano Di Bergerac was my favorite !

Manitoulin Islands were splendid,quite majestic we took a 2 hour ride on the Chi-Chemaun ferry to Tobermory

We started the trip in Ottawa to visit with my daughter we also took her with us to Quebec City, which made it twices as much fun !

On our way home ,actually we were half way home he got a terrible phone call that my nephew had passed away, so we stopped at a cafe along the highway, made some phone calls and turned around heading back south to Burlington for the funeral.

My husbands nephew was only 36 and had a heart defect from birth, he never let that stop him he lives his life to the fullest, 2 months ago they offered him a heart and lung transplant, he refused it because he had enough , that was his decision.

I have never seen a funeral like his we had 3 police escorts over 1000 attended. The outpouring of love towards this young man was astounding.I always knew he was a people person. He was loved by so many.

As you can guess I am drained .. I slept for 3 days when I got home,but slowly picking up pieces.
I am glad to be back !!
Hug your children !!