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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Really Easy Cake Recipe !!

My lovely ,wonderful, smart ,gorgeous, kind hearted, sweet, lovable, daughter sent me a recipe she found on a blog called Bakerella, she told me it was easy soo easy it was rediculous !!
And to prove it she sent me the recipe by taking pictures of her baking adventure .
This is what she sent me

Sort of self explanatory !!!
Did I mention I love her a lot, probably too much..... can that happen??
I love her more than all the cakes ever made ever in the whole world times a gazillion !!!
Thanks Lilly I will make this one for your Dad

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deep Freeze !

Its really cold here ,tonight its going down to minus 31 that's 23 below to those of you still using the fahrenheit method.
But you can tack on another 10 degrees because of the high winds
That means wooly socks and an extra sweater !
BRRRRRRRRR .......shiver !!!

Don't try this any time soon !!!

Instead I am going to stay home ,make soup and keep warm !!

How are you going to spend the day in the deep freeze ??

That was yesterday !
Today its only minus >>41<< ,its cold out there !! BRRRRRRRR !!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness is........................

I want to be as happy as that bird with a french fry.....................somethings are just not that easy I wish it were as easy.
I wish I were an bird and could fly to my french fry .............

Friday, January 22, 2010

Generations and Geneology

Picture of twins, my Dad is on the right and his twin sister on the right,I still have those little sweaters and hats that my grandmother made for them in 1929 !

Last week Brenda of Cosy Little House found out a bit of her family history and it started something that I just could not stop doing and I am still working on.
My dear lovely friend Brenda grew up not knowing her family,reading her post about it really breaks your heart, I could not imagine growing up like she did,I know who my family is I can pick out their picture and name the faces.And trust me when I say I have a lot of family, cousins coming out of the woodwork , some I haven't meet yet !

So I went to Ancestry and got myself a subscription and poked around to see who I could find, never thinking I would get very far,........................ was I wrong!!!!!!!

I have my paternal grandmother's side documented all the way back to 1672,it just all fell into place, one name after another.... just incredible !!!
I was really lucky to find some old photos someone had added to the names along the way,and in that I found a cousin and now we are emailing photos back and forth, at first he could not believe we were related so I showed him the path and oh yes we are related !
Very exciting finding new family willing to share !!

I am working on other names now....
And they are not that hard to find, the church really is well documented, if you can get passed the spidery writing your on the road to finding family !

Brenda I wish I could do the same for you ........... Your story breaks my heart it really does.If I could I would give you some of mine, we could share I have so many !

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Search Engine

Today I learned a few things and I want to pass them on to you !
My son gave me the name of a new search engine that Microsoft has made to compete with Google, I tried it and liked it esp for images !
Give it a try ~~

Its brand new only a few months old !!
You might even like it !!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Juice Maker !!!! Sounds innocent enough .. ha!

Our lives here in Timmins is fairly easy going and its a simple life, were young retired people, we can think and we do make good decisions for ourselves but this juicer was the worst mistake we have made in a long long while.....actually it was NOT my decision it was my wonderful hubby's !!

OHHHHH he meant well enough, we eat a lot of fruit here instead of junk and he thought he would make our lives a tad bit more exciting and have fresh juice in the morning !
Sounds delish and easy dosen't it !
Fresh orange juice who dosen't like that ?? And fresh apple juice, yum just hearing that makes my mouth water for it !!
Well things are not that easy !!!!!!

He started off by making orange juice , lets do the math here.... one container of Tropicana Orange Juice is $ 2.99 and my wonderful hubby bought $15.00 worth of all sorts of oranges even blood oranges to make our juice .
Ok I will say in his defence.....
Think of it as really really fresh orange juice, isin't that worth the extra money for fresh tasting juice ??
BUT >>>>>>>>> But the end result was 3/4 of a container of juice and a huge bowl full of pulp and an ~ultra sticky~ table and all sorts of sticky utensils and assorted bowls etc.. kinda strewn all over the place (( No he does not do dishes ))
BUT>>>> Voila the fresh juice....... yes it was tasty .... I didn't get even a spoonful, it was all gone by the time I did all those sticky dishes remember those ????... not a drop of juice left ....not a one !!!
That's ok I dont mind, its good for them RIGHT !!!
Today it was apple juice time, hubby decided to do this while I was writing out the minutes of a meeting for a club I am secretary for..... nope he can't wait he wants to do it right now he says because he is bored ( remind me to find him a hobby ok) he bought bags and bags of all kinds of apples to make juice he wanted to see which one would be juicier....
He washed each apple (good boy) and then cuts them up in small sections so far so good right.... this is when I decided I better go see what he was up to.... ((( it got too quiet ... know what I mean?)))
He was ready to begin....... did you know it takes a lot of apples to get a cup full of juice? And did you know it leaves behind a huge amount of pulp and skin ??

Math again ok humour me ...for a tin of Rougemont Pure Apple Juice its hummmmm $.99 , yes ninety nine cents only not even on sale ........sigh.......
After his first batch of juice ( about a cup and a half) he had to clean the machine, it was not allowing the juice to escape through the pulp and skin etc.. so he takes the darn thing apart , ok picture this in your mind....... gobs of apple pulp and sticky juice all over the table all over everything .... yes ladies he is messy and not the handiest in the kitchen but he is trying and I might add getting frustrated now....( cuz I am just sitting there watching.. kinda smiling too... nooo not smirking I would never do that(( not much anyway))

OK so now he is ready for the second batch everything has been emptied of pulp and rinsed he puts it together ( ( apparently women are not allowed to touch things when a man is working ........... hehe))

Somehow only God could figure this one out its such a mystery I am sure he put something in backwards and where the juice was suppose to come out nada zip it was allllll coming out in the pulp resevoir of the machine,and he just proceeds anyway pretending not to notice but I know he sees the mistake................... he gets a strainer and another huge bowl ( Only 3 bowls are already in service for the juice) and strained the pulpy mess in the strainer to extract the juice... at this point I want to pull out my hair one strand at a time I kid you NOT !!

I decided to take over !! (( My sanity was at stake)) He never said one word as he noticed what I was doing,just had this big silly grin on his face !
I took the other 2 big bowls of prepared fruit and pared off the skin and made one big pot of applesauce.For some strange reason the applesauce was so dry here is the halarious part ok are you ready for it >>>>> I had to add apple juice !!! >>>Almost half the container of Rougemont Pure Apple Juice !!!!!!!!! I am not kidding!!!!!

Then I washed and dried dishes and his machine took me almost an hour, while watching the apple sauce, after that I had a hankering for a sour cream walnut coffee cake, I made that and declared my day done !
I could not wait to go make myself a hot tea and relax.

He still has not said a word about the juice but looks at me now and again with that big silly grin .. as he totally knows what I am thinking he knows me so well.
Yes I still love him and I will keep him but no more juice.... or your on your own !!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Julia and Julia

I rented this movie on the weekend and I enjoyed it so much !
Its about a young girl who loves Julia Childs and loves to cook, she buys Julia's book of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and decides to do all the recipes in the book and blog about it.
Its a good movie to sit back with and let it entertain you.
And Meryl Streep is of course just fantastic as Julia Childs that just a given !!!!
I say go ahead and watch it............ goes great with a big bowl of popcorn!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Maxine Slippers

My daughter knows I am a big Maxine fan and gave me these slippers,aren't they just the cutest !
Wonder what Maxine would think of them ???

BettyJo of A Bead A Day
Would probably love a pair,she has Maxine Mondays, and leave it to Maxine to give you a smile or a groan .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodbye Christmas I Will Miss You

Goodbye Christmas I will miss you, see you again next year !!!!
Its all gone every last elf and christmas ball.................. all put away neat in rubbermaids for another year !!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Olympic Pride !

Shania Twain lights an Olympic cauldron with the Olympic torch. Olympic torch run ceremonies were held at Hollinger Park last night, where a crowd of up to 9,000 cheered on

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Not even the most frigid temperatures of minus 40 below could keep Timmins from showing off its community spirit as the Olympic flame made its way through the city on its way to Vancouver.

Thousands waited in Hollinger Park as country singing superstar Shania Twain made her way on the torch's final 300 metres of the Timmins leg. They all cheered as the precious flame lit the Olympic cauldron on stage.

Officials estimate anywhere between 7,000 and 9,000 people attended the celebration on New Year's Day. Many others lined the torch's route from Porcupine through Timmins.

The crowd erupted as Twain made her way into Hollinger Park toward the stage. She proudly carried the torch and lit the cauldron, before taking a few moments and speaking to the crowd, as her son Eja, looked on, waving from the front of the crowd.

"This is so fantastic, it's pretty overwhelming," Twain said. "I know we could have probably had warmer weather, but in a way it just feels really beautiful to be back up North in the cold.

"I know that sounds crazy, but it wouldn't be Timmins if it wasn't 40 below with the wind chill."

Twain went on to say that the fact that all those people stood out in the crowd in the freezing weather only proves the spirit people from the North have.

She wished luck to all Olympians, and said how happy she was to be back in her hometown.

"I'm honoured," said Twain. "I'm extremely proud and it's a highlight of my life to be able to be here to carry the torch."

"It was such an honour."

When asked how she felt about the Olympics themselves being held in her home country, Twain said that no matter where she has travelled in the world, Canadians are much loved, and that is something Canadians should be proud of. She also had some words of encouragement for all those out there in Timmins, both young and young at heart.

"I say go for your dreams, never lose hope and hold on to spirit," she said. "Not just of your hometown, although Timmins has a fantastic home spirit, of course it does, and I think I carry that with me everywhere I go.

Twain paused and waved to the crowd before bounding the final few metres onto the stage, where she lit the Olympic cauldron and passed the flame to the next torchbearer. She called the experience the "highlight" of her life.

An international superstar and multiple-Grammy winner, Twain was born in Windsor, Ont., but spent most of her youth in Timmins, honing her talents by performing in local bars and clubs.

Her 1997 record Come on Over has sold more than 34 million copies, making it the best-selling album by a female artist of all time.

The torch continues its journey through northern Ontario on Saturday, making stops in a number of communities including Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie.