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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April Fools Day !!!

A Tricksters Day, a Jokers Delight...........
I want to tell you about a trick I played on my mother when she was pregnant with me ,
I decided to be born a month early and I have paid dearly for that ever since !!!!!!

April Fools Day is my birthday !!!
(( Hand over mouth telling my age))
Take a guess !!!!!

The reason I am showing you these pictures of my Grandmere is that she and I share the name Obeline, its my middle name,I love that sweet name I love the sound of it, many of my friends call me Obe.I was named for her and today is my birthday April Fools Day,you cannot imagine the jokes that were played on me because of this day.The story of my birth is a favourite story that my Dad loved to tell over and over to anyone who would listen.
This is my Grandmere when she was a young woman,living in rural Quebec.

This is a photo of my Grandmere and my Mother and myself,at the train station,my Grandmere was going back home after a visit.
On her farm Grandmere had apple orchards MacKintosh apples.

This is my GrandMere Obeline and myself age 3-4

Did I trick you did I ,did I, did I ??????????

It really is my birthday ....... trick is on me!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Spring has not sprung here yet we still have 4-5 feet of snow in the yard at the moment, but the sun is out and its only -1 so the trend is warmer~~~~~~ thank goodness because its been such a long winter.

Living this far north is hard towards the end of winter, everyone is pale, ,depressed,tired of shoveling the white stuff, we all dream of summer.....

I can't wait to see green grass again, sit outdoors with the sun on my face, the smell of suncreen in my nose and the twitter of birds in my ears.Ahhhhhhhh summer !!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Its Wednesday !!

When you break your arm you adapt ,you learn to do things a different way especially when its your writing hand,its a learning thing ! You adapt!

Getting dressed for instance.... try putting on your bra with only one hand or your jeans !
Getting into clothing is an experience..... meant for contortionist only !!
Just using this computer I am typing with one hand .... well one finger really.... its a slow process.

Yesterday for supper I made chicken and lentil and spinach soup its easy and filling, as I was eating I was using my right hand, after a few spoonfuls I noticed my mouth was having to meet the spoon closer to the bowl~~ my arm was tired, eating with my left hand is messy business I had to make myself a bib out of my napkin.Not a pretty sight ......LOL!!

And on top of it all I am rather house bound not because of my arm or my ankle but because of solid ice surrounding the house, you could skate on the street right now, it rained last night and today is bright and sunny and slippery !! I can't win !!!!!!

When you break an arm you feel sorry for yourself that's normal but you must stop and see the humor in it as well,I have to keep thinking it will be a halarious story someday... right now I am living it one day at a time !!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucky Pot of Gold !!!!!

Wishing you all a Happy St Paddy's Day and my wish is for you all to find your own lucky pot of gold !!!!

I actually went outdoors today and yesterday, I felt wonderful like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders
Just to be able to put on my boots and go for a ride and eat in a restaurant was heavenly !!
A little slice of normal !!

My arm is still weak but I can hold a tea cup for a moment or two and I am keeping up my physio, my ankle is getting stronger too~~~~~~ ohh that was so painful.

I miss crafting quite a bit and I am on my 16th book in 2 weeks.At least I have that to keep my mind busy.

We still have a lot of snow ... about 6-8 feet high snowbanks but the weather is getting milder lets all keep our fingers crossed it stays that way until all the white stuff is gone.
Thank you so much for coming by even tho my posts are not regular... I look forward to each visit from each of you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am coming along slowly!!

When you are the backbone of a household and something happens to you ,things change, so do priorities in your home.

I broke my right arm 3 weeks ago, the humerus bone(the big one in your arm) in a skidoo accident,just a fluke accident that should not of happened but did.

No we were not going fast at all, it happened because the path was icy slick with about 3 or 4 inches of ice,the back end of the skidoo spun around((( that's where I was sitting))) and threw both of us off,I landed on my right side, thank heaven I always wear a helmet.
I knew right away my arm was broken because I could not move it and it hurt like something I have never felt before...I never broke a bone before..

The ambulance took 3/4 of an hour to come pick me up,I want to say right now I would not trust my life with the 2 paramedics that came... talk about 2 young men who had no idea what to do, thank God it wasen't a heart attack I think I would be dead.
When we got to the hospital they uncermonioulsy dumped me in the emerg waiting room gave me a number like everyone else and left......

Picture that for a moment....... I have a broken arm and I am still dressed in 3 layers of skidoo clothing boots and all.. I am shaking like a leaf and I am alone to deal with my belongings and a broken arm...............thanks so much for the care...

Thank goodness my son and hubby appeared at that moment, he ran for a wheelchair and from that point it took 5 hours to get 4 xrays and a doctor to tell me it was broken, I was sent home with some pain prescriptions.
I was not put in a cast because I broke it near the shoulder they put me in a sling and sent me home after a 5 hour wait in emergency...(Not even an asperin was offered)by then it was 10.30PM, no supper not even water ......

Thank goodness for the love of my family who pampered and looked after me,its been a long 3 weeks.

In the meantime I sprained my left ankle and got gout in the same foot a day later,needless to say its been really rough for me pain wise.At one point I was so saturated with toxins of pain killers my body decided to get rid of it.....that was not fun either.......

My ankle looks like an ankle now almost, my gout is still there but no so prominent, I have started doing physio that the doctor showed me in the fracture clinic I went to.

I know I sound like I am whinning but oh lordy I have been through so much in 3 weeks.
I want the normal days back......I complained they were boring but I never ever will again,I would rather have a boring normal day than a pain filled one.
So here I day at a time.
My goal is to go out this weekend for a drive and see what the other side of this house looks like.I hope I get my wish...((( depends if I can get a boot or shoe on)))

Thank you all for you good wished ,it all helps me feel better .Thank you !!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hi Ladies

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth !
When it rains it pours ...ever heard that saying....
Well I sprained my ankle quite badly last weekend,my left ankle and then if that wasen't enough ~~~ I got gout in the same foot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you know it was as big as my head and I could not walk without breaking out in a sweat from PAIN!!!!!!!!!
Let's not forget my broken arm(right arm)it will be 3 weeks tomorrow,and yes it still hurts a lot.
I am very unhappy.I am not having fun !!!
I don't have much energy this will be short and sweet but I wanted to give you sign of life.