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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Am Hair Challenged !!!

Do you feel like this sometimes??? Well I have been feeling like this for a good while now.My hair is longish and heavy and altho I love highlights, right now I have highlights over load!!
It just looks gray instead of having highlights.I am too young for this much grey hair!!!!
I am told I have thin hair but for the life of me I don't see it.

When I make a pony tail(( which is not my best look by the way)) its a two fister in my hand,I have a lot of hair, when I dry my hair its wild like Medusa's .

My kids laugh at me when I dry my hair, then I must battle with it to tame it down to a normal size, I have tried rollers , I have tried a curling iron, I have tried to flatten it, that really cut the volume for me but I just can't seem to make it look as good as my daughter gets it to look, she says I don't have enought patience to get it just right.((( She is right))

Like the cartoon below no matter what I try it dosen't work,I love the longer hair but I can't make it work for me. OK!!! I am hair-challenged!!!
So I am giving up the longer hair for a shorter hair style, this is what I did, I went through some pictures of me with different hair styles and picked one I really really enjoyed wearing, and I printed a photo of me to show the hairdresser tommorow,so this way I am not showing her someone elses face and hair do, the style I chose I had done in Ottawa at a high end spa,I sure hope she can recreate the look I want.
I really need a fresh look to go away on holidays, goodbye long hot hair.I will miss you............(NOT)................

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White Balance is Important in Photography

As you all know I am going away starting Sunday, and this trip is going to be photographed to the hilt, why??? cuz I am the photo queen, on my computer right now I have ONLY 78,010 photos, how do I know I just checked !

Ok today I want to talk about white balance and how important it is in photography.When I got my new camera it was a pain in the butt to me to have to set the white balance, I really didn't think it was important but low and behold through trial and error I have discovered all on my own that it is very important.

I can't tell you how to set it on your camera,you have to check your owners manual,and its not on all camera's either,kinda depends on each model.

But I can tell you that when you do it properly you get a better picture, and please do it in the room you are taking the picture or even outside it still important for a better picture.

In an ordinary room they call the lighting from light bulbs tungsten lighting, it is orange, even tho you don't see it that way, your brain will not let you see the orange it color corrects itself,but your camera is not as smart as your brain and won't automatically do it for you.You have to set the white balance you do this by finding a white piece of paper and finding your WB on the camera ,press the button voila your ready to take a picture.

Now I will show you the difference in a couple of pictures I took, the subject matter is not important I just want you to see the of the before and after effect.Do you see the orange color, its called tungsten lighting, this picture was taken at my daughter's apartment of her little cat Freda, in her favourite brussel sprout box,poor little thing is orange!!!

Here is the correction when I discovered my first picture was too orange I did a white balance and little Freda is black and white not orange.
I just wanted to show you something I learned with my new camera,not all cameras are the same, with some you dont set it, its done for you, not much to do there,but if you have the option on your camera use it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Ready !!

Taking a trip for 2 weeks is a bit daunting don't you think?
I have a lot to remember and pack.I have a list going every time I remember something I write it down,and as I pack it it gets check marked.Usually I am not so meticulous and I can wing packing for a trip in an hour or less,especially if I am going to my daughter who lives in Ottawa,and what I forgot to bring I borrow from her or just go out and buy it.
But 2 weeks in Quebec City and Tadousac I want to bring what I think I will need,plus my hubby is coming and my son and daughter, so that's 4 of us.
Will we need a band aid? Or an asperin? How about a qtip or a safety pin??? So many things to think about....

I have taken enough holidays and trips to know that you must expect the unexpected and that stores are very difficult to find when you desperately need something, also there is the(( getting lost factor)) in searching for the elusive store.I try very hard to anticipate what is needed,and I am pretty good at it.And that means make a list!!!
What about you ladies do you make a list?

I am looking forward to this trip,it is a jam packed full of activities trip, we have booked 4 boat tours so far, one is a whale watching tour in Tadousac,when its just the two of you , the need for a schedule is not needed and you kinda go day by day doing what ever the mood dictates, but with 4 of us a bit more structure is needed.But not so much as you are so tired you could fall asleep standing up on your feet.
And I have a bad knee, I really should go see a doctor for it,I know I need a new knee but the thought of more surgery leaves me limp.So I procrastinate but in doing that it limits how much walking I can do.........sigh..........
The bad knee is taking into the consideration and we tour a lot instead of walking a lot.But we do end up walking quite a bit, you can't help it in Quebec City plus the city is built on hills , everywhere you go its up hill or downhill and very steep too.
Near the Chateau Frontenac its built so high up ,they have this elevator called The Funuculaire,for $1.25 it takes you up or down (duh) to your destination.I gladly pay that to save myself some 200 stairs.
Here are some pictures of years past
This ship is called the Marie Clarisse, its a schooner, its 100 years old and looks brand new,we took this ship last year down the St Laurence River one evening to see fireworks.We meet some lovely people from Carolina on board,it was such a chilly fast paced ride but was so wonderful to see how it was sailed.The crew dressed like pirates, honestly was such fun!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Award !!!! And a HOLIDAY!!!!

Ain't She Purdy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank Linda at Somewhere In Time for giving me this award !
It just made my whole day happier !! Tickled my fancy !! Made me smile !!
For this I thank you Linda !

The rules that go with it are as follows
1.~~~ You may put the button on your blog (I hope you do)
2.~~~ Put a link to the person you received the award from
3.~~~ Nominate 5 blogs
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5.~~~ Leave message to the nominees..........I'm sending this sweet award on to~~~~~
Everyone who shares their blog , you all deserve it my my eyes, consider yourself given this award.I enjoy everyone so much to chose only 5 would break my heart as I dearly love all my new friends .
So consider yourself awarded !!!

In 2 weeks less than that now, the first 2 weeks in August I am going on HOLIDAYS !!
For the first time in years and years my hubby , myself and my son and daughter are going together.!!
Exciting or what! I am soooo looking forward to this.!!!!
Were going to La Belle Province~~~~~ Quebec, to the capital city of Quebec, its called Quebec City what else!!
They are celebrating their 400th Anniversary,they call it Les Fete De Nouvelle France, it means the birth of New France, ok here is your little history lesson.

On July Third 1608, Samuel de Champlain was the founder of what is now known as Quebec City. Its Samuel de Champlain's determination to succeed in establishing a French colony in America that makes him deserving of the title "Father of New France". He was also integral in opening North America to French trade, especially the fur trade.

Champlain had long realized that New France could not survive on only the trading posts of Tadoussac and Quebec. To gain the upper hand against the British, Spanish, Basque and Portuguese, France would have to advance into New France and set up colonies and trading posts deeper the interior.

This is where Champlain decided to create a new settlement, and he would name it Kebec (or Qu├ębec, hereafter spelled 'Quebec'), the Algonkin name for 'where the river narrows'. And it really does I have seen it !!

I just love going there, I have been many times before.Its so beautiful its like walking in Europe somewhere,especially in the old part of the city, that's where its all going to happen,we have had our hotel booked for a year already its called Manoir Victoria it was built in 1830, and trust me its as charming a place as you can imagine.This is our 5th stay there with them.

We booked some big boat tours already, and we will also go to Tadousac for a whale watching tour, on our first night there we are going to have an evening sail on the Louis Joliette(its a huge ship) , they are having some spectacular fire works on the St Laurence River that night followed with dancing etc... .its a fantastic evening !!

The next day I made reservations at the Chateau Frontenac !Were going to have a very pishposh afternoon.....were having High Tea !!!!
Its served in the very traditional old fashioned way, makes me giggle to remember how it feels to be there,with waiters in the period costumes serving you tea from sterling silver tea pots.
Followed with a 3 tiered tray filled to the brim with goodies that you would expect at high tea, its so well presented so pretty, you almost hate to touch the tray.(( But trust me you cannot keep your fingers away long))

I want to take in the opening parade with the Giants, I have never seen those.the whole atmosphere is so seventeen century you can imagine yourself there transported back in time.Everyone wears costumes of the period, its soooooo charming and fun.You cant take enough pictures!!!

In the center of the old city its called Petit Champlain, that's where a lot of the activities will be held, its the very center and oldest part of the city, all the buildings are preserved accuratetly and historically,its very emotional being there knowing all the history that happend right under your feet.

There are street after street of lovley little bistros to eat in, they are everywhere.the people there are very proud of their City and for good reason, it is magnificent in all its splendor and beauty!
Heyyyyyyy !!!!!! I just made a commercial advertizing Quebec City !!
Google it to see what I mean.!
I promise I will come back with a zillion pics to show you all what the heck I am talking about!!
I am soooo looking forward to it!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A New Award and An Old Craft !!

Patty at Attic Clutter gave me an award!!!!!!
I am so tickled pink over it, made me blush and giggle all at once just like a little kid!!!
It was such a wonderful surprise!

The Rules for the Award are as follows

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I want all my wonderful friends to accept this award because all of you are wonderful caring individuals,I enjoy your blogs so much and cannot see my day complete without a visit.I say you all deserve this award ,and please accept it !!

________________________________________________________________This is my favourite craft, I love making Pysanky, these are done and are waiting several coats of varnish, I put 2 finished varnished ones on top so you could see the difference I dont know if you can tell them apart in this photo, but the varnish really makes them special , to me they have the look of stained glass windows.

I havent made eggs in over a year but I have full intentions of getting back into it, I love the touch of them, the smell of the wax as I work on them, I relax as I make these, my fingers and my brain work in unison to bring out the beauty in the eggs shape, when I hold a white egg and look at it,I imagine what pattern I will make on them, I stick mostly to traditional patterns and symbolism,my fingers ache to make them again, the only thing holding me back is making new dyes, my old ones are yukky now and have to be replaced and its not a small job replacing those dyes, I have more than 20 colors, and its messy to say the least.I just wanted to show you some that were not finished yet, not quite.

This is my canvas of choice, that smooth white shape that feels so good in your hand .Its an easy craft but you must be good with your hands very steady to get those fine lines.Anyone else out there interested in Pysanky??

When I do get back into it I will do a tutorial if anyone wants to see it done.I may even sell some if anyone is also interested in owning one.I could put any symbol on it you wished, one to bring you luck, make you pregnant, have a good harvest,make you well, get married, on and on you get the idea.The Ukrainians believed it was all in the symbols.Its an ancient craft dating far back in history,I am not Ukrainian but I married one and after 38 years, some of it rubbed off!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunny Warm Days and a Long Ride !!

We went for the nicest long ride today, we went to a Provincial Park, and rode out to each lake to take pictures, it was so beautiful and sunny,warm breeze, what a treat, we haven't had 2 nice days together in a very long while.People were taking advantage of the warmer weather to bask in the sun.Its not so bad here up North when the sun is out.
Yesterday the bugs were sooooo bad, I had to spray myself with OFF and I actually had wear my hoodie,this is my bug spray sweater, I don't care if I get bug spray on it, I use it also to go target practicing, its really buggy there.I was so hot but the bugs were so bad.....Dont I look cute??

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanking you All ! !

I want to thank all of you wonderful ladies who took time to give me sympathy and support at this time.
It certainly has not been easy for me since Mom died in December,its a long road leading to today, I want to tell you that my mother was a real character who loved having fun and loved laughter, her idea of a good time was going to the Casino for an evening, having a few drinks,she did not dwell on the negatives in life and always saw the glass half full,~~~~~~~~~ and made lemonade with it !!
My mother would not want me to sit on my pity-pot too long as she would say, pull up your big girl panties and get on with living.!!!

So here's to you Mom I will continue living and try to enjoy every minute of it like you did, with laughter and fun.I can only hope to have half as much fun as she did and I would say I am living ok.!
Those of you with Mothers , love your Mom , tell her everyday how much she means to you,someday you will only have a memory , and if your as lucky as me you will still hear her voice telling you to stop crying and have some fun dammit !!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Mother~~ I Will Miss Her So Much

Mom Beautiful inside and out !!
Mom and Me
Mom Dad And Me
Wedding Photo of Mom and Dad
Mom in St Catherine
Mom as a young woman
My Beautiful Mother
She is so lovely
During the war they saw her and put her picture in the paper saying she was a beauty! And She was!
My Mother I will miss her every day for the rest of my life !

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bishop's Weed

'Miss Mari-Nanci' at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Pictures !

This was in the Parkdale Market, everything is grown nearby and picked fresh in the morning, this market goes on every day same as the bigger Biward Market.
This is a geranium , it looked like a topiary, it was so beautiful, this looked like miniature roses to me but the leaf gave it away!
Its going to look like I eat all the time with these next foody picures ((haha)), but some meals are so darn tasty, this was in Royal Thai, I love Thai food my kids go crasy for it, and the hotter the better for them(( not me I am wimpy)), these are simply the best Spring Rolls you could ever hope to eat I kid you not.!!!!
One day my daughter and I were caught in a severe downpour, and the first restaurant nearby was called The Works, its a goumet hamburger joing.The toppings are not be be believed, I had of all things Kraft Dinner as a topping I hadn't had that in years and years, with sweet potato fries, my daughter's topping had ............are you ready................... peanut butter... Yup good old peanut butter, and you know what it was delicious!! Next time that's what I will order, honest to goodness you just have to try it before you judge!!
This my dear friends has to be THE Most delicious Margarita !! Yummo !!! it went perfectly with my meal below.

Does this look wonderful or what!!! Stuffed sole and Grilled Salmon and King Crab Legs, all that buttery goodness yummm.
When we went to Bate's Island for the afternoon we took pictures of some Canada Geese with their goselings, is this adorable or what!!!

Many of you commented on the pictures I have been taking, and I want to thank you for your wonderful comments,I must tell you what kind of camera I have in case you need a new one in the future, I want to tell you that this new camera of mine is the best one I ever owned.Its not just a point and shoot tho I must warn you , you must chose which light and shutter speed and do white balance etc... but ladies if I can do it so can you !!
The camera I have is a Canon Power Shot SX100 IS , with it I bought a 16 gig memory chip plus an 8 gig memory chip so I have lots of room for pics on a trip.I am a bit of a picture nut.You might have noticed????
I am so glad you are enjoying the pictures it makes me happy to show them !!