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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess What ??

***IT'S SNOWING AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!***

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Real True Blue Deal !!

I am tickled blue !!
( I can hear you Sally telling me to put this on Blue Monday it would be perfect !)
I bought this blue cup at a yard sale, its quite big actually, for ...... drum roll........ 10 cents !!!!

I looked it up online.......................... it is worth ........drum more drum roll cuz I am excited.................................................. $100.00
Not a bad investment I would say !!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ever Had One of those Days !?

We had another huge snow storm ....who hasen't..... snowplows were out there today in full force, you could hear them plowing by the house, making those heavy grinding noises when they get into the heavy stuff going around the corners.
Hubby had to go out there and shovel the walk ways and that's enough for him, were lucky that we have a dear friend who comes by and does quite a bit for us with his snowplow,and our neighbor does his bit too.>>>>>Gotta love those friends!

Tomorrow I am getting my health card renewed and also my drivers license , they both need photos.. oh the trauma of it all.... LOL!!!
I hate my photos on those cards, I always end up looking like someone else or a gargoyle of some sort .. haha...
Hubby thought I wanted to do it today I looked at him in horror... and said I have to do my hair first !!!!
I could tell he didn't understand but I know all you ladies know what I mean..... its a photo I have to look at for 5 years I want at least my hair to be presentable.

Such a bad time of year ... the end of winter is the worst... so much snow drab and gray, your just itching for color and warmth that you begin to dream of far away places.
I am envious of several friends who have just returned from cruises in those sunny far away places...... wishing and dreaming......

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Room Full Of Birds

My Paternal Grandmother loved canaries, she loved to hear them sing,and chirp , tweet and chatter, she would talk back to them too .
Grandmother always had some in her house,in several lovely bird cages arranged here and there through out her home.
To this day when I smell celery I am instantly transported back to her home, because all the bird cages>always had celery in it the birds would nibble at it and a bit of lettuce, they would have toys to play with and a cuttle bone, some branches to hop to and from, little cups of bird seed and a little cups of fresh water, newspaper on the floor of the cage, and at night she would cover them up.
She loved her canaries so much at one time had a roomful now I am talking wall to wall cages, she was raising them to sell.She had yellow ones and orange ones, if I remember right it was the males that were most prized because they were the singers.
She had a few budgies too ,beautiful pale blue ones.
One day I bought myself a canary he was yellow and I named him Cecil ( I dont know why)
and he turned out to be a she and didnt sing, I had a newborn at that time... and Cecil needed more attention than I could devote.... it was either the baby or the bird.... I chose the baby... hehehe, and Grandmother got the bird.( Oh that didn't come out right did it... hehehe)

This is my Paternal Grandmother on her 90th birthday.She WAS the family >>Matriarch<< My Grandmother learned how to drive when she was 65 years old, she traveled around the world many times over.Instead of taking photos she would buy postcards from these far away places,now I have them.
She was wise and kind,a business woman to the bone she owned and ran a business all by herself for years and years.
She feed the poor during the depression she never said no to someone asking for help.
She loved the ocean and had a lot of seashells in her house, now I have them in my house. She considered us her family her treasures.When in fact she was the family's treasure ! I miss her.I know she knows that because we were very close she and I.
My Grandmother Perpetue she loved canaries !!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This and That

I have been making some of these, they are fast and fun to do !
I will make an afghan when I have enough... how much is enough ????
I don't know...
When I spread them out on a bed and it looks to be enough .......or it will be smaller than that due to me getting tired of making them.... which will come first I dont know that either... time will tell !!

Today I treated myself to a haircut just a trim really and highlights, that's been way too long since I did that for myself... feels good!

Were in for some snow the weather will turn yukky......... fun fun fun....

Dosen't this coffee look good !! Or is it just me ???

There is a sweet giveaway at Patina Soul Go on over and see what the excitement is all about!! This next photo was on her blog !!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Good Old Days !!!!

Check out the prices !!
I was only 6 when this menu was available ,but I do remember going with my Aunt Sue having a coke, what a thrill that was,in my little town back then the restaurants were few and far between,this was the week before Christmas in the evening on a Thursday the stores stayed open late till 9 only ,one day a week ....((LOL the good old days)) and we were window shopping looking at shiny pretty Christmas things and Aunt Sue suggested we stop at Woolworth for a coke ,wow did I ever feel grown up ,Mom had given me 25 cents to splurge on something so I was able to pay for my own treat, that in itself was a treat.

My Aunt Sue is 4 years older than I am, we were always close.Today Sue is wife and mother of 4 big strapping boys and no daughters, Sue is also a Grandmother of 4 of the cutest little girls.I wish she lived closer to me I really miss her.The picture above I am 8 and Sue is 12.
Here I am 2 and she is 6.Sue was the last child born to my Grandparents,my dad was 21 when she was born......YUP!!
The Good Old Days !!!!