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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland !
It looks like the old black and white photos we use to take but its a color photo taken with my brand new Canon SX30IS... what a camera it has a 35 zoom !!!!
That last photo was taken from wayyyyyy across Porcupine Lake !
All of them were taken Christmas Day !! (Yes I was itchy to try our my new camera)
I can't wait to take some color photos this summer altho there is something to be said for these kinds of photos they are pretty in their own frosty way !
That week all the trees were white it was so beautiful...... all white and pristine it looked like a scene from a snow globe.Perfect for Christmas !

It was a tough Christmas for my family and I, we tried to do all things differently this year.It helped somewhat ,like Christmas Eve we played board games and I had wrapped silly fun prizes for the winners, it was a first for us to do that.
I think starting new traditions is the way to go........... creating new good memories.
Altho I must say the old memories were sure hard to cope with its only been 4 months and its still pretty raw....Hurts the heart to remember......
Also it would have been our 40th wedding anniversary on the 19th of December, trust me when I say.... it was not a good day for me ,I thank GOD I have good children who love me above all else and were with me all day.

Right now what's occupying my mind is the master bedroom I am going to redo it ,that will make me so happy, I am going to look at paint chips and new flooring.I have an idea that I would like the color of soft rose not pink but a dusty rose color with cream color for trim.I may change my mind and go sage green with a creamy color trim....... decisions... decisions...
I think I want hard wood flooring in there now , no carpets thank you.....

Its a huge room,it has 2 desks in there a curio cabinet, a huge closet with side drawers from ceiling to floor, another big dresser and a queen bed ,2 bedside tables I am going to take one away and put in an antique table that use to belong to my mother, I am torn with leaving it be in the original color or changing it to match the rest of the furniture... not sure what to do...another decision.....

I want to turn one of the desk areas in a little crafting area.... altho I have gotten away from doing crafts altho the idea of crafting is always on my mind.Can't escape it ,its in my blood I think !
The other desk will be my computer corner of course.

Since I have my daughter's 2 cats here with me I am not always in front of my computer like I use to be, that's a good thing , the cats make me relax and demand love and attention... and of course give it back to me 100 times more.I am enjoying that very much ! I told my daughter if and when she takes them back I think I will just get myself a little tiger of my own !!

That's my story and I am sticking to it !!