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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello Ladies !!

I have been gone so long I nearly forgot how to cook hahaha!!
I spent 3 weeks in Ottawa with my daughter ,came home for a few days and now I am going back on Saturday.In between all that I went to Montreal for a Santana concert, that man can sure put on a good show,wow and his band of musicians are just amaizing, well worth the trip there to see him,we went by train this time my daughter and my hubby and I,what a treat to go by train we went first class, the food is unbelievable so is the service,top notch, and very very relaxing, who needs all that driving right!!

The only thing I have been working on is the afghan for my daughter,I can't seem to settle on any one thing these days,my daughter did show me how to do peyote stitch with beads, I really enjoyed that, and I have started to make myself a bracelet,very pretty ,while I was there,I made myself a few bracelets with semi precious stones,I even made my dear sister in law a few bracelets, she loves jewelry as much as I do,and I know her tastes so its no problem.

I had a birthday while I was gone, and for my birthday my son gave me a new camera !! Yipee!! Its a HP Power Shot SX100IS,wow it can do really beautiful pics!! I want to post so many and I will I just need a bit of time ,please forgive me for being so slow.

When I get back from this little trip I will settle down to a better routine I promise.
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