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Monday, July 27, 2009

Shakespeare !!!

This is the spectacular Festival Theatre in Stratford Ontario
This is the beautiful Avon Theatre in Stratford Ontario.

Yes Yes Yes I am going soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the Stratford Shakespeare Festival !!!!!!!!!

We will be there to see 3 plays in August

~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Macbeth

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cirano Di Bergarac

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Julius Ceasar

I am leaving this Saturday for Ottawa to visit my daughter, then were going to the beautiful Quebec City for Les Fete De Nouvelle France ,that is such a special time of year to go visit that city.Its the most historical city in Canada.
Walking those old coblestone streets allows you to feel the atmosphere as it was in the 1700,esp when people are walking around in period costumes what a treat to see.
Were going to the Chateau Frontenac for High Tea, plus a boat tour down the St Laurence for the fireworks and of course we always take a nice drive around Orleans Island and down Chemin Royale its so worth the ride its spectacular views are breath taking !!

Then we are headed for Stratford to see the plays ... I have never been and I cannot wait !!!!
3 Shakespeare plays can you imagine !!!
Were booked for a picnic on the Avon River in between plays the first day.... this river is noted for its beauty and swans etc...
Stratford and surrounding area is noted for its antique shops !!! ~~~~~((( Yipeeee)))

Leaving Stratford we will then go onto Manitoulin Island and see what there is to see !!!
I have never been there either but oh my the pictures I have seen are gorgeous !
We will take several boat rides etc...

We will go through Barrie I have an Aunt who lives there I want to go visit, my Dad's sister.

So as you can see it will be a busy 2 weeks away.!!

I cannot wait !!!

I started making a list and packing little things weeks ago, I don't want to forget anything , while trying to pack light ( HA) wish me luck with that... LOL!!
I will take lots of pictures and share my trip when I get back ... see ya then ladies !!!


PEA said...

Woohoo, so good to see you blogging again!!! How lucky you are to be going to Stratford to see those 3 plays and it also sounds like a lot of fun things are planned during your trip:-) You will love Manitoulin Island, I've been there often and it's beautiful! Make sure you go to Kagawong and take the little trail to see the Bridal Veil Falls, it's absolutely breathtaking. Safe trip and HAVE FUN!!! xoxo

SmilingSally said...

I used to teach Macbeth. What a lovely play! I envy you. Have a blast for me!

BetteJo said...

Oooooh! Have a wonderful time!!

Sharon said...

It sounds like your trip is going to keep you busy.
Wow, getting to see plays at the Stratford does sound so wonderful.
I hope that you will have time to take a few photos to show us.
have a safe and wonderful trip.

My Vintage Studio said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! Have a blast! Sharon

Katie said...

Oooh..I haven't been to Stratford in years, but I always loved it when we got to go. Enjoy your time away and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

You will have a wonderful time! Oh, I remember the old movie about Cyrano, with Jose Ferar, I just adored him.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Hope you have a fabulous time. laurie


Quebec City
OH I want to go there ..
looks like you will have a fab time Diane YEAH~!! .. that afghan too -again (:)

hugs, Patty

Mountain Mama said...

You must be having a wonderful time. I can't imagine having all those wonderful experiences to look forward to and then actually do them!

Brenda said...

I am SOOOO glad you are getting away!