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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School !!

Today is the first day of school, its a week early this year !

I remember when I was a little girl getting ready for school it was always so exciting, it was cool and crisp or it was raining cats and dogs, the leaves were already on the ground and it meant Halloween and snow were around the corner.

I wore a school uniform in grade school it was a little navy jumper with a white blouse and a red bow at the neck. ( No kidding)
In high school it was the same style of jumper but it was a red wine color (school colors).
Both were run by nuns the Immaculate Conception Nuns,(yes I know), the principal in grade school was called Sister Beatrice of Rome, and she( the poor dear woman) was blessed with the face of a bulldog a very unhappy one at that.

She could go full steam like a freight train, looked like one too in her black veils when she was in a hurry.She ran that school with an iron fist, and a heart of gold.( I am sure it was in there somewhere but being young I didn't get the impression she used it very often.)

My favorite memories were of singing in the choir, oh how I loved those old songs, all in french of course on every Fridays we would sing to the heavens.( I was in heaven)

Religion was number one,~~~ THE SUBJECT ~~~I knew my little catacisim book by heart because if I didn't it meant I would get the stap, I certainly didn't want that !!!
I was a good kid and did what I was told.

Its the part of school that still sticks in my throat , the over bearing religious nuns, math and science and geography seemed unimportant , but religion that was number ~~~ONE !!~~~~~

The high school was run by the same nuns and it was an all girl high school to boot !
To even be down wind of a boy was deemed sinful by the nuns !
I got to know a few nuns very very well, they sure had a good sense of humour .

I made a lot of life long friends in high school, some of the girls I wish I knew where they were and what their life stories are.

Those were the days.................
Do you have school memories to share ??


Queenmothermamaw said...

I also went to a Catholic school for 12 years. Uniforms and skirts too. Seems like 100 years ago. Well actually it is 1/2 a hundred years ago. I have more trouble with all that catechism now then I did then. I have not lost my faith in God, but I am having trouble with "The Church".
Doesn't seem like the Jesus had in mine. I get a lot of peace from reading Act, The Early Church. Thanks for listening.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I remember that the beginning of school signalled that summer was ALMOST over. Those first couple of weeks were still HOT and there was no air conditioning in many classrooms.
My uniform for Catholic grade school was a green and navy plaid; to this day I refer to it as "St John plaid"!

BetteJo said...

Oh, I feel a litle left out. I didn't have a uniform, regular old public school for me!

SmilingSally said...

Oh, I'm GLAD that I don't have straps to remember! I went to public schools, and if you did not learn, you got a lower grade. I feel sorry for students with learning disabilities who got/get abused because they are not "smart."

Thank you for your prayers yesterday. God answered.

Sharon said...

I remember that first days of school.
It meant new everything and it was always fun to pick out what to wear the next day. I went to public school so did not have uniforms. My best friend went to Catholic school and she had to wear uniforms and I always felt sorry for her, because she would help me pick out my next clothes and always said she wished she could wear things like that.
Thanks for the memories.
God bless

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Seems like a boring school with the uniforms!!! I have a wonderful memory of my father standing with me in line while I was in kindergarten. I would cry if I had to stand alone. So he would stand with me and hold my hand and walk me to the door of the building and I would be fine. One day he couldn't do it. He had an important meeting to go to. And knowing how upset I would be he asked the principal to stand with me, which he did. And the principal held my hand and walked me to my class. What a wonderful father I had! Great memories! Thanks for the visit!


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laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I enjoyed reading about your school days, and I love that cute picture at the beginning of your post. laurie


school uniform-- Oh how cute.. do you have a picture of you in it Diane??
Love the picture of the little girl and the thoughts of your past you shared~
hope your day is a good one..
hugs, Patty

Gill - That British Woman said...

We didn't have a uniform in primary school, just when we went to Grammer School.

I do remember getting the ruler smacked over my knuckles in primary school when my embroidery skills weren't up to par. She was an old dragon and the head masters wife.

Poor thing died of cancer a few years back.

Interesting thread.

Gill in Southern Ontario


Hi Diane..yes isn't that piggy a strange one (:)

smileymamaT said...

What a wonderful telling of your school days, I loved reading that. I went to public school, however at the age of 10 I moved from a very large city on the east coast to a tiny teeny little township in the Maine Woods - what a culture shock! I went from an inner-city huge classroom to a shared Grade 5-6 room where the teacher would send me to the general store for cigarettes after I cleaned the chalkboards. :)

Mountain Mama said...

I went to public school and didn't have a uniform, however there were certain skirts and blouces that were popular at the time so most of the girls looked very similar.

I have to say your description of the first day is much the same as mine. I remember running the two blocks home after school, ankle deep in crunchy, fallen chestnut leaves, and kicking them into drifts as I ran, and occassionally steping on one of the hard chestnuts and going for a slide!

I remember the smell of autumn in the air and the wonderful hot soup at lunchtime when my stomach was growling uncontrolably.

I love the picture you posted. It looks like it came right out of one of my grade school story books!

sa said...