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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am home

This week past has been filled with ups and lots of downs.
I went to Ottawa to visit with my 2 grown children, my son's birthday was on Sunday, I am the mother of a bouncing 37 year old baby boy, I love him with all my heart.

During the week I went to New York for a shopping trip with my daughter,we had a lot of fun together I always enjoy her company ,I so seldom get her all to myself ,that when I do its a special day for us.

Back in Ottawa the 3 of us went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D >>>WOW<<< If you get the chance to see this movie go see it,you wont believe your eyes ... so much color and vividness..... I would not take a child tho.... what an incredible movie !! Johnny Depp is fantastic!!!

We eat international every single night !!! >>> I love that !!! On Birthday Boy's special day we went to the Casino for supper, it was sooo good, I even had a glass of wine and played the one armed badits but didn't win, that's ok it was fun anyway !

Sadly tho while I was away my wonderful sister in law's> sister passed away from breast cancer at the age of 55,I love my sister in law , she is very dear to my heart,I wish I could have been there for her during this time of sadness,she lost her older sister to ovarian cancer several years ago, now she only has her mother who is elderly and not well herself.
I have so much pain in my heart for her I cannot put it into words.

Another death in my family on my mother's side of the family, an older cousin passed away in his brother's arms,he also had cancer,so much sadness in that family.He will be missed.

It was a good week for me in one way I love being with my kids , but losing family while I was gone was so sadly tragic for me,and you know what struck me hard this week, I wanted to call my mother and tell her everything that was happening,I had an overwhelming feeling of needing to talk to her,if you out there still have your mother, call her, hug her, tell her you love her ...... she will only be here with you a short time.


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Diane, I know what you mean, there are times when I want to talk to my Mama so badly! I guess it never goes away.
Sounds like you got away and had a well deserved good time!
Happy Easter!

Julie Harward said...

Diane, I know exactly how you many times I just need to talk to mom...and she isn't here. So, I say a little prayer and ask for my message to be passed on to her, but I think she already knows, she has her eye on me.
Wonderful that you got to go visit your son, I have one that old too, I am still calling mine a kid.
At least you can be there for your dear sister in law, so good that you are close. Thake care, have a good weekend...come say hi :D

BetteJo said...

Oh my. My Mom? Too tough lately.

So sorry about your losses, sad that you were away. But - spending time with your kids (adult or not!) is always a wonderful way to spend your time.

Marcel said...

Hi, Diane,

Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday, tomorrow, April 1rst...April Fool's Day!!! Enjoy the moment!

Helene and Marcel xoxoxox

Dolores said...

Oh Diane..... I can relate to what you say about wanting to call your mother.......My wonderful mother and brother are not with me anymore, and there are soooo many times I feel the urge to call them and share good or sad news.....

You and your sister in law are blessed to have one another.......

I'm so glad that you could get away and be with your children.....

Hugs ....

GardenofDaisies said...

Hi Diane, I am your newest follower. Sounds like you had a great time with your daughter! And so sorry to hear about the loss of two of your family members in such a short time. Sending you hugs.

Lib said...

So sorry to hear of your Losses!
I fully understand the urge to want to call my Mom! I miss her so shes been gone almost 9 yrs. now.

So happy you had a WOnderful time with your children!:o)
Welcome back ,you were missed!
Blessins', xoxoxox
Lib said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! What a young age to go.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Diane, Please accept my deepest sympathy. Losing family is so very hard.

I saw where someone wished you a Happy Birthday tomorrow. Is that true or is it an April Fools Joke? Seriously, if it's your birthday I wish you all the best.

I'm so glad you had your daughter all to yourself for a little while. Those times are so special.

Blessings to you this Easter season.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Diane, I am so sorry for the losses in your family. I'm saying a prayer for all of you. My mother has been gone almost 10 years, and I STILL almost pick up the phone to call her when I have something I want to discuss. I'm so glad you had a fun trip though. laurie