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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland !
It looks like the old black and white photos we use to take but its a color photo taken with my brand new Canon SX30IS... what a camera it has a 35 zoom !!!!
That last photo was taken from wayyyyyy across Porcupine Lake !
All of them were taken Christmas Day !! (Yes I was itchy to try our my new camera)
I can't wait to take some color photos this summer altho there is something to be said for these kinds of photos they are pretty in their own frosty way !
That week all the trees were white it was so beautiful...... all white and pristine it looked like a scene from a snow globe.Perfect for Christmas !

It was a tough Christmas for my family and I, we tried to do all things differently this year.It helped somewhat ,like Christmas Eve we played board games and I had wrapped silly fun prizes for the winners, it was a first for us to do that.
I think starting new traditions is the way to go........... creating new good memories.
Altho I must say the old memories were sure hard to cope with its only been 4 months and its still pretty raw....Hurts the heart to remember......
Also it would have been our 40th wedding anniversary on the 19th of December, trust me when I say.... it was not a good day for me ,I thank GOD I have good children who love me above all else and were with me all day.

Right now what's occupying my mind is the master bedroom I am going to redo it ,that will make me so happy, I am going to look at paint chips and new flooring.I have an idea that I would like the color of soft rose not pink but a dusty rose color with cream color for trim.I may change my mind and go sage green with a creamy color trim....... decisions... decisions...
I think I want hard wood flooring in there now , no carpets thank you.....

Its a huge room,it has 2 desks in there a curio cabinet, a huge closet with side drawers from ceiling to floor, another big dresser and a queen bed ,2 bedside tables I am going to take one away and put in an antique table that use to belong to my mother, I am torn with leaving it be in the original color or changing it to match the rest of the furniture... not sure what to do...another decision.....

I want to turn one of the desk areas in a little crafting area.... altho I have gotten away from doing crafts altho the idea of crafting is always on my mind.Can't escape it ,its in my blood I think !
The other desk will be my computer corner of course.

Since I have my daughter's 2 cats here with me I am not always in front of my computer like I use to be, that's a good thing , the cats make me relax and demand love and attention... and of course give it back to me 100 times more.I am enjoying that very much ! I told my daughter if and when she takes them back I think I will just get myself a little tiger of my own !!

That's my story and I am sticking to it !!


Tina said...

I would be the same way...changing things up a bit...starting over with something new. Starting new traditions is good too, while keeping the old ones close to heart.

Love your photos. We don't get much snow, if feels like early spring I enjoy looking at bloggers snow pics!
Thank you for sharing!
God Bless your day!

Jo said...

I was so happy to see another post by you. You are going forward and that is a good thing. Know that you have a lot of support and love out here.

May blessings rain down on you!

Lib said...

Great to see you Posting!:o)
The first holidays are so hard! We had our 1st without our newphew.
Love the photos.We had awhite Christmas also.Our 1st since 1962!
Your bedroom will be Beautiful!
Hope you have a great wk.
Blessins',XOXOX Lib

Needled Mom said...

The wintery scene is really beatiful in it's own right, but it looks awfully cold.

I agree that starting new traditions is the way to go. It is wonderful that you have the kids to care for you and help you through these most difficult days.

Decisions, decisions is right. Fun thoughts of what to do will keep your mind occupied too. I vote for the sage green, but I must admit that I am not a pink person.

Wishing you the best for 2011!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved your pictures of winter. It's a bit grey here for Florida, but no snow.

Each time we have lost a family member, we have tried to create new traditions, too. I think that's the way to go. Glad to know you did that.

And your changes sound like fun. Can't wait to see what you do.

Sending you love and all good wishes for a healthy, happy, prosperous 2011!


Sheila :-)

Sharon said...

Your photos are beautiful but they sure do say winter.
I am glad to see you back and I pray that you the best in 2011.
I can not wait to see what you come up with for your bedroom.
Have a great day.

Julie Harward said...

I like that story and I love your pictures, really beautiful. We still have no snow here! :D

Brenda said...

Wow, it's truly Winter in your neck of the woods.

You must do whatever it takes for you to grieve in your own way my friend. ((hugs))

sawn61 said...

Good to see you posting again.I envy you with your new camera. I'd love to have a new one, but don't know what to ask for.I need one for beginners, and I'd want a zoom lense to take close up shots of everything. I take a lot of pictures in order to have a choice when posting. I am trying a new program working with pictures. It is complicated.So much so,I may give up on it before I learn to use it.

Linda said...

Diane, so good to see you posting. What beautiful looks just like a Winter Wonderland. I know how difficult the past days have been ..I pray the new year brings you continued strength and peace...hugs, Linda

BetteJo said...

Glad to see you! Yes please DO get your own kitty when your daughter takes hers. They are the best friends a gal can have and there are so many that need homes.

Lately I have been all about changing the look about things around here. I rent so I can't rip up any carpet but boy would I! I like the cottage/shabby look, all girly and pastel. Never done it, and will never go all the way with it but I have subscribed to a bunch of blogs that show how to redo furniture - ideas for decorating, etc - and I love going on their blogs and looking at all the pics!
Hope you have a good time with that!

Piecefulafternoon said...

It sounds like you have plans - and that is a good thing - keeps your mind busy and makes things easier in the end. I'm glad your family is such a comfort.

The photos are fabulous - we are green and rainy - and glad we don't have snow.

PEA said...

I just love it when the trees are all frosted with snow like that, simply stunning! I have the Canon SX20iS and love it, it's great for close up shots and zooming farrrrr away:-)

I think making new traditions is a good idea and although I can well imagine how hard the holidays were for all of you this year, it's wonderful that your kids could be with you.

You will have so much fun redecorating your bedroom!! It's so hard to make decisions, though, when it comes to what colour paint you want...I know it took me a while to decide on which colour to paint my living room!! lol One thing I learned was that these days the furniture doesn't have to match, especially if you have antiques. And oh yes, wood/lamiate flooring is the way to go:-)

Think of you often! xoxo


Oh 4 month ..well Iam glad your family had a nice Christmas Diane.
and that your daughter is ok from the stove incident~!!!!!!!!!!
Back to working on our kitchen-- sinks going in right now (:)I hear the saw cutting the sink hole~
Good idea to redo your bedroom (:)
big hugs,Patty

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! We are Canon people, too, and have quite a few different Canon cameras.

Thank you for sharing your pictures!


Dolores said...

A winter wonderland indeed, your pictures are so beautiful and serene.

You and your family are so wise to start new traditions. Your past memories, like Tina said, will always be close to your heart.

I hope you'll take some before and after pictures, with your new camera, of the bedroom re-do. The decisions will be fun and keep your mind occupied with something different.

Thanks for the supportive advice on my getting some help... I'm going to do it.

Our animals are absolute life savers for us.... their unconditional love is so comforting.... glad you have your daughter's cats for now.

My thoughts and prayers are with you,

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Diane. I'm hoping this new year brings you blessings far greater than you can imagine. I pray that the pain you realize now will distance itself from your heart and that the love of your family folds you into it's arms. The holidays are past, you made it through the first one. I love your spirit: Pick yourself up and go on, look to new beginnings, new projects, keep busy. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your projects.

Your photos are beautiful, but snow is not my thing. I got cold looking at the pictures, LOL. I want sunshine and hot weather. Won't hear me complain this summer!


Denise said...

I look forward to see the pictures of that new bedroom.. It has come into my possession an old dresser that belonged to my mom and before her my great grandmother.. My husband is wanting to just sand it and put it back to original.. I want to paint it........ we will see who wins that one.....

Thanks for sharing the winter wonderland..... it is beautiful ..

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You have been on my mind so much this past week so I had to come by and see how you are doing.
Glad you are starting new traditions. I think that is good. I thought of you on Christmas knowing the pain was going to very difficult for you.
Your bedroom project sounds like a big one but one that you will enjoy once it is finished. I too am thinking about putting in a craft table upstairs if I ever get the room finished.
You will have to get you a cat when you have to give your daughers back. Tinkerbell has really helped me.
Love ya


Just a quick HELLO Diane ..
hope all is going well for you..

Michelle said...



Hi Diane ..Just checking up on ya(:) hugs,Patty

Mountain Mama said...

Your snowy pictures are beautiful. I love how it covers the old dried out flower gardens and makes everything look clean.
You are so blessed to have a large bedroom. Mine is quite small. I recently got a new bed and rearranged the room, new curtains and spread too. I love it now.
It's so nice that you have a table that was your mothers. I think I would be tempted to leave it original.


Hi Diane..
Hope all is going better for ya(:) hugs,Patty

Dolores said...

A belated happy birthday to you..... yes, we're almost twins.

You're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you're doing okay and making new adjustments.

Thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday..... it was a good day!


Attic Clutter said...

OH MY Goodness HELLO Diane(:)
so good to see your smiling face..
how have you been ?
Thanks and Merry Christmas back'at'cha and Happy New year too..
keep in touch ok (:)