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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Ready !!

Taking a trip for 2 weeks is a bit daunting don't you think?
I have a lot to remember and pack.I have a list going every time I remember something I write it down,and as I pack it it gets check marked.Usually I am not so meticulous and I can wing packing for a trip in an hour or less,especially if I am going to my daughter who lives in Ottawa,and what I forgot to bring I borrow from her or just go out and buy it.
But 2 weeks in Quebec City and Tadousac I want to bring what I think I will need,plus my hubby is coming and my son and daughter, so that's 4 of us.
Will we need a band aid? Or an asperin? How about a qtip or a safety pin??? So many things to think about....

I have taken enough holidays and trips to know that you must expect the unexpected and that stores are very difficult to find when you desperately need something, also there is the(( getting lost factor)) in searching for the elusive store.I try very hard to anticipate what is needed,and I am pretty good at it.And that means make a list!!!
What about you ladies do you make a list?

I am looking forward to this trip,it is a jam packed full of activities trip, we have booked 4 boat tours so far, one is a whale watching tour in Tadousac,when its just the two of you , the need for a schedule is not needed and you kinda go day by day doing what ever the mood dictates, but with 4 of us a bit more structure is needed.But not so much as you are so tired you could fall asleep standing up on your feet.
And I have a bad knee, I really should go see a doctor for it,I know I need a new knee but the thought of more surgery leaves me limp.So I procrastinate but in doing that it limits how much walking I can do.........sigh..........
The bad knee is taking into the consideration and we tour a lot instead of walking a lot.But we do end up walking quite a bit, you can't help it in Quebec City plus the city is built on hills , everywhere you go its up hill or downhill and very steep too.
Near the Chateau Frontenac its built so high up ,they have this elevator called The Funuculaire,for $1.25 it takes you up or down (duh) to your destination.I gladly pay that to save myself some 200 stairs.
Here are some pictures of years past
This ship is called the Marie Clarisse, its a schooner, its 100 years old and looks brand new,we took this ship last year down the St Laurence River one evening to see fireworks.We meet some lovely people from Carolina on board,it was such a chilly fast paced ride but was so wonderful to see how it was sailed.The crew dressed like pirates, honestly was such fun!!


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Packing is always a big job for long trips. We cruise a lot, and I just made up a list on my computer and print it out of the things I know I'm going to need. (I never count on the ship having what I might have forgotten)
Hope you have a wonderful time. All that walking with a bad knee sounds challenging. I can relate with my foot acting up this summer!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You will have so much fun! Loved the pictures!

Gill - That British Woman said...

have a super trip.....looking forward to seeing your vacation photos.


Nonna said...

I dont usually make a list, but when we went on our cruise last year, I did, because I didnt want to forget a thing! And I knew it might be hard to find exactly what I might be needing if I forgot something. Lists are a smart thing to do when going on a trip!
How exciting for you to vacation with your family! I cant wait to hear all about it when you return!
Have a safe and fun holiday!!

Alice said...

I hope you have a great family vacation, making lots of happy memories while laughing like crazy and eating up a storm.

Nola said...

Enjoy the trip, and take lots of photos for us! I have never been to Canada, so I love seeing the sights.

Jenn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! I hope you have a fabulous trip!! Enjoy!

kathy said...

Oh sounds like a lovely trip - thanks for visiting my blog --The eggs are too lovely - i have seen demonstrations of the process - Yours are wonderful - Have a great and safe trip - Kathy - GA

Alex said...

I hope you have a splendid trip! You've got to be excited!! :)

Travel safe.

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Oh ya I hear ya aspirin for sure(:) packing for everyone ugh.. love the pics..the old ship is really neat.. an we used to have a beautiful oak tree..but it died..boohoo..chopped it down and now the ivy covers the stump..looks cool ..
thanks on my post sweet of you ..& let me know when those gourds arrive ok..big hugs Patty

BittersweetPunkin said...

Love your photos!! I have a bad knee too...when I walk down the stairs it crunches like potato chips...I suppose if I lost some weight it wouldn't be so bad...make sure you wear comfy shoes with great support!!

I am looking forward to hearing about your vacation!

smilnsigh said...

This is an "Off Topic Comment" but...I seem to have lost my knack for posting/commenting in 'Blog Land,' for a while. All I do lately, is put up a few photos, here and there. I didn't plan on it... It just happened.

And since I don't want anyone to think I got *uppity* or anything, :-) I'm leaving this comment, to explain my absence.

I'm sure to be back in not too long. Can't keep a "Chatty Person" quiet, for too long. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

Needled Mom said...

My packing motto is, "If I forget it, I will just have to buy a new one." :) Two weeks is a long time to anticipate each need.

I hope the knee holds out so you can enjoy it to the max. We'll look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Linda said...

Hi Diane, I'm excited for you, you are going to see such wonderful things....please take lots of pictures:).

I'm a list maker too. I jot down things as I think of them and then when it get's closer to packing if need to buy something I get it. When I start packing I check things off my list. I like to be ready to close my cases at least two days before I leave.

Thank you for my birthday wishes, I had a happy day. Hugs, linda

CurtissAnn said...

Hubby jokes about all I take on trips. I generally make a list, but these days I've gotten it down pretty well. I try to take anything and everything I might possibly need. For just hubby and me, the entire back of our Pathfinder is filled. But who has things when others want them?

Thanks for your tip on photography. I look forward to see your pics from your trip.