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Thursday, November 12, 2009


A few days ago on Brenda's blog Cosy Little House she asked everyone if they could have one thing in their kitchen what would it be ???
I said I wanted more counter space, but later I gave that statement more thought, and what I really want is a pantry !!
My mother use to have a gorgeous walk in pantry with rows and rows of shelves,I was very young but I do remember it well.
She kept jars and tins of food, all manners of food to be stored until needed.She also kept some kitchen appliances ,and pots and pans.Baskets that held potatoes and onions and apples.
She had a big blue enamel pan with a lid that we knew she kept homemade cookies for us , and if you needed a snack that's where they were kept !!
I can smell the date squares or the oatmeal cookies with jam in the center still in my mind today yummmm.
That pantry had a foody smell too even tho most of the food was kept in cans or jars.
Mom even kept her flour and oatmeal in a special tins.
The top shelves were forbidden mysteries to us,simply because we could not reach them we were too small.Who knew what she kept up there !
Mom had made chocolate candies once and they were to die for(of course) ,we all got to sample them then they got put away till Christmas, my younger brother could not wait he snuck in there climbed the shelves like a monkey and eat a huge portion of the chocolate and was very sick (ha) served him right for being greedy!
I remember it was a cool room ...almost cold really.

When we were first married when we finally moved into a house , it had oh be still my heart it had a pantry!!!
A smaller pantry not like my Mom's but large enough,my daughter remembers that pantry with fondness just like I do my mother's.
Just like my Mom I kept canned food and baskets of potatoes and onions.Cereals etc..some small kitchen appliances and pots and pans as well.
It was a very cold little room,with some shelves and tiny cupolas, darn handy I must say !

But the pantry of all pantry's belonged to my Grandmother Obeline.She had 17 children,the family lived on a huge working farm.
I remember when she would ask me to go get a pot of jam in the pantry she wanted to make Millionaire Cake (OH MY !~~~ another post someday)

I remember it was a very dark room , the shelves were filled to capacity with jars that looked like jewels to me, with all sorts of wonderful colors. You name the vegetable she canned it.
In another corner was wooden boxes filled with dirt, I just had to have a closer look, in it were potatoes and carrots and turnips.Some walls had strings of onions and garlic hanging there ready for use.
It smelled earthy in there and I loved it !!
The big room right next to it was where they would separate the milk and pasturize it.That was interesting ! They made butter in there too.
But the pantry held my interest and still does to this day!! I would give anything to have a picture of Grandma's pantry and my Mom's as well, they were special to me !
Tell me now do you have a pantry??
Is yours a tiny one just a few shelves ?
Is it a fully stocked one like this ?Is it a one wall affair?

Does it have a lot of canning that look like jewels in the light?
Is it a tidy little space just for food?Or is it a well planned and stocked room ?

I dont have a pantry in this house but I do keep many shelves well stocked in the laundry room that look more like this one with its cans and jars !
A more vintage pantry

Oh be still my heart this one is lovely !

So is this one wouldn't you say ??
So my lovely ladies do you have a pantry ?? Or are you dreaming of a pantry???


Sharon said...

I have a small one, but it is not nearly stocked likes some of these.
Yes, I would like a big one like we had when we were younger.
Thanks for sharing.

SmilingSally said...

I had a walk-in pantry in my last home, but my new house has only a tiny pantry. I've never had one like those last two pictures. Aren't they something?

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I would love a walk in pantry..mine is just a shelf area..but still handy...loved hearing u reminsce about your Moms pantry....sounds wonderful. cherry

Cordwood Cabin said...

We have a couple of closet-like ones, but nothing so grand as those photos ... imagine all that space at your disposal ...

Needled Mom said...

Who knew there were so many kinds of pantrys. I have a small closet pantry, but my grandparent's pantry was a whole seperate room. The shelves were all filled with home canned everything!!! There were little curtains that pulled across the front of all the jars. I can still see it clearly in my mind.

Julie Harward said...

Hi thee..thanks for the visit to my blog...yours is delightful too! I have a pantry/laundry room but it not as nice as these...I need some help! Come say hi any time :D

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I have one of those "builder pantries" which means it's like a coat closet. And about as much use here. I asked Nola one day why they even bothered. She said they had to be designed by men. Dark and worthless really. I took four trash bags of "outdated" food to the trash from my pantry last week. Things get shuffled to the back and forgotten. But it won't stay that tidy. I want a big one you can walk into and see everything at a glance, Diane!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a nice post. Glad I found you tonight. I too have such sweet memories of my moms kitchen and especially my grandmothers.
I had to give up my nice home in town and now I live in a 100 year old farmhouse and it does not even have closets much a less a pantry. lol
You should see the kitchen. It has stairs leading up to the top floor with a hidden door. No cabinets not one and no drawers. My kitchen I left had lots and lots of both.
Sweet Dreams

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I think pantries are the most wonderful places in the home! I don't have one, but the home we had before was a 1920's cottage, and it had a big walk in pantry where I kept everything, food, dishes, the works! I wish I had a photo of it, I miss it so much!

Janean said...

we built a 30" floor to ceiling pantry in our kitchen. we are soooo glad we did. in our barn house, we plan to put in a "proper" pantry, along with a couple pantries we have now. great post!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How strange I was just fixing to click on your site when I saw you had visited mine. Thank you for the sweet comment/
What I wanted to know is do you sell any of your crafts because tomorrow I am doing a post on bloggers who are creative. I am going to try it out for Mondays to see if I can. Anyway email me at if you want me sale something.

Anonymous said...


Pamela said...

Love pantries...thanks for sharing the pics of them.

Pamela said...

Love pantries...thanks for sharing the pics of them.