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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Noel Soon

Every year I dream up something Christmasy and handmade of course to send my daughter,I call it Noel Soon, it represents the start of the Christmas Season,This started years ago when my kids were both living in Ottawa, they were homesick and anxious for Christmas and to lift their spirits I would send them a fun box full of treats etc... The very first box I actually didn't make anything , it was simply a piece of cardboard that I went crasy with markers and sparkles etc.. and wrote Noel Soon it was the first thing they saw as they opened the box.

Well little did I know I started a family tradition, I wish I had taken a picture of each object over the years,some were pretty outlandish and fun !
Yesterday was December First of course ( yikes I know)and of course it signifies Noel Soon for us,my treat box got there in time and this year my daughter sent us a fun box in return,~~~~~~~ so much fun!!

We all went on MSN that's a program on the computer that you can chat and cam to see each other, love that!!
My daughter opened her box first and each little gift savoring her treats, its all so predictable, I give her chocolates and hot chocolate and a tin of special cookies, and some ornaments and lights to add to her supply,I sent her a Christmas movie with Popcorn for two(chick flick),some vitamins hehehe I am still a mother,a box of oranges,some dark orange chocolate cookies her favorite, treats for her little cat Freda can't forget her !! Etc... etc... you get the idea, and of course the much waited for Noel Soon....

This year I thought I would make something totally different, at Micheals they had gourds on sale after Halloween, I love gourds I dont know why but I just adore them,Patty from Attic Clutter sent me a box of gourds a year ago,I am ashamed to say I haven't done them justice yet ~~~BUT~~~~ now I have a little practice with a dremel very soon I will have new bird houses for the yard for the summer, I will show you all that craft in stages when it happens.

This is my Noel Soon for 2009 !
I painted it gold , at least 10 layers even on the inside, then I glazed it with Mod Podge to preserve the paint, inside I added some battery tea lights,I wish my skills at taking a picture in the dark were up to par I would have shown you what it looks like all lit up, it glows softly sooo pretty !!
My son bought me a dremel a few years ago a really fancy one with lots of bits ,its shaped like a big pen so I can sort of draw with it, and this was my first time using it for something other than making holes in eggs for Pysanky.
My daughter loved it and was totally surprised !! Its not the usual Noel Soon crafts I usually make. Last year I made her this.

Her box of surprises are still just that surprises ...LOL!!!
She being my daughter... the nut does not fall far from the tree let me tell you....
She made an advent calendar its wooden shadow box with her picture sitting beside Santa, she went to the mall and had her picture taken with him ! So cute!!
This shadow box has little tiny drawers and in it are teeny tiny envelope that she made with instructions on which gift may be opened on that day........( Her gifts are unique)
Its killing me let me tell you..... but I will behave and do it properly one day at a time......
((Promise I wont cheat)) hehe

We had lots of laughs last night via the computer !!
Noel Soon I love it !!!!!!

I cannot let this day go by without wishing my Mom a HAPPY DAY,she hated when I would wish her a Happy Birthday so I always said Happy Day , I always made her smile when I wished her that.I miss my Mom more than I can put into words.
Happy Day Mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SmilingSally said...

Diane, I remember those darling snowmen from last year. How fortunate your daughter is!

Needled Mom said...

It's such a wonderful idea. I love your gourd idea. Very cute!!!

I'm sure you miss your mom even more on her day.

Vicki said...

Hi there, what a great idea...Noel Soon!! What fun for you and your children! The gourd is beautiful ...yet another idea for us! My sister, Sue (Life is a Journey) makes lots and lots of bird houses with hers (she grows her own). I don't think she has tried the dremel tool to hers though. I'll show my daughter, Bev, the gourd you made ~ she has a real nice dremel set that she rarely ever uses...this may inspire her to pull hers out!!
How blessed we are, Diane, truly blessed!! Have a happy day! ...V

PEA said...

Your Noel Soon tradition sounds like so much fun and no doubt very much anticipated every year:-) I just love the decorated gourd you made for her this year, it's gorgeous!! xoxo

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

We're getting frigid weather here, Diane! Can you believe it? Had to cover my plants big time. Hope I don't lose any. I so love those gourd birdhouses. Thought once I was going to make some and ordered a kit and never did it. Yours is beautiful! As for the Pysanky, I've been thinking you should show us some of yours. I love to see them!