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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowmen Jokes

Its a good day for snowmen jokes, were in the middle of a major snow storm, its been blizzard conditions most of the day, and were told to expect it again tomorrow !!
Snowman weather!!!
Tried to go out for car ride and a coffee today..... nope turned around headed back home , so slippery phew not safe at all.
Our neighbor bless his heart has a huge snowplow and he did our driveway, is that neighborly or what!!
I may take a video and show you our storm tomorrow !
Today was a busy one for me since we could not go out I started decorating our tree, I have so much in the way of ornaments it takes me usually 8 hours plus to do it,so today I got about half way through, I will finish it tomorrow and this way I see it with a fresh mind.
Plus I will decorate the house. I love doing it and seeing the end results but its so much work.Is it like that for you too??
Maybe I just need Christmas music....... I love that , it gets me in the spirit of Christmas.
I hope you enjoy my silly jokes.


Vicki said...

Hey there, I'm back home now with the finished cookbook. Love your snowmen jokes...pop over to Chronicles of a Country Girl and look at her funny YouTube post... I know you'll love it.

until later...V

Lib said...

Cute! I Love to dec. for Christmas! I do a little each day until finished.
You neighbor is a keeper:o)
Stay warm!
Blessins',Lib said...

I'm glad we narrowly missed the blizzard, sorry to hear it got you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog and the snowmen caetoons were a hoot! No snow out here in West Texas but 73 mph wind gusts yesterday and blowing dirt till you couldn't see the car in front of you and cold!
Sal's Girl

Marie said...

I love snowmen, too! I wish we had some of your snow. We just have the cold temps here in the south. Our NC mountains have gotten some snow. Have a great Christmas.

Sharon said...

I enjoyed the snowman comics.
I think your neighbor is a true friend, not to much being neighborly these days it seems.
I am all done with my decorations and the small tree is up.
We had a major snow storm on Tuesday and Wed and now we are having Arctic cold temps. I am ready for a true warm up.
God bless

Janean said...

these were priceless. i am laughing so hard!!!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

It was so nice of you to stop by my blog home. I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you'll come back soon! I'm always happy to meet new folks and very curious about those who stop by. So I just had to come visit. Your snowmen jokes were so much fun. I read a few of your posts and one reminded me of the rare snow Houston, TX got the other day. The young son of one of my husband's business associates told his mom that "it was just like playing inside a snowglobe." How cute was that! Stay warm and safe this weekend.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I can bet there are a lot of snowman jokes in Canada! I'm glad you can find the humor in piles of snow and ice. I think it would make me a grump.

Mountain Mama said...

We have a little snow here too so like you I am staying home. I have a couple big hills to navigate and don't have 4 wheel drive.
I enjoyed your snowman jokes. How do people think up these things?


HI Diane..************************************these are snowflakes..we have a bunch this morn~
OH those are so cute(:) I love the pinecone elfs too.. NOP sheepy yet?? wow taking a long- lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time (:) Mail service is slow I guess~hugs, Patty

sa said...