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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ever Had One of those Days !?

We had another huge snow storm ....who hasen't..... snowplows were out there today in full force, you could hear them plowing by the house, making those heavy grinding noises when they get into the heavy stuff going around the corners.
Hubby had to go out there and shovel the walk ways and that's enough for him, were lucky that we have a dear friend who comes by and does quite a bit for us with his snowplow,and our neighbor does his bit too.>>>>>Gotta love those friends!

Tomorrow I am getting my health card renewed and also my drivers license , they both need photos.. oh the trauma of it all.... LOL!!!
I hate my photos on those cards, I always end up looking like someone else or a gargoyle of some sort .. haha...
Hubby thought I wanted to do it today I looked at him in horror... and said I have to do my hair first !!!!
I could tell he didn't understand but I know all you ladies know what I mean..... its a photo I have to look at for 5 years I want at least my hair to be presentable.

Such a bad time of year ... the end of winter is the worst... so much snow drab and gray, your just itching for color and warmth that you begin to dream of far away places.
I am envious of several friends who have just returned from cruises in those sunny far away places...... wishing and dreaming......


Vicki said...

Hey Diane, send me your mailing address via email and I'll send you some postcards of Raleigh, NC!! I'm sure I can find some sunshiny ones to cheer you up!!!

Leslie said...

hi Diane.. I flew here from Dutch Blue ~ I know exactly what you mean about the DL photo, The last time mine was up for renewal I got a gianormous zit on my cheek. My husband thought I was crazy since I refused to go until that thing was gone!! It was bad enough that I had that thing for a week.. to have it staring at me for the next 4 or 5 years ~ forget it!! lol.


Oh I am so glad you and your HUB had a nice day away from MIL (:)
''have to look at for 5 years''
isn't that the truth Diane..
Oh yes you crack me up ..
an thanks for the darling Valentine emailed it.. Yup that gal on my blog is a
''free wheeler''(:) hehe
I can be that way easily-with just one sister we had a fun time working on looking good..although our home was a one bathroom home(:)
I went to beauty school and hair makeup etc. was always a fun hobby around our house~
.. and I sure do understand your privacy thing with 3 bros(:)
ugh ~!! that must have been hard~!!

Julie Harward said...

Well, at least the sun came out here today, it made me so happy that I ran to the store and have been dipping strawberries! Spring is coming..hang on and good luck with the pictures..I hate that too, I don't think I have had a good pic of me for 10 years! :D

BetteJo said...

Oh I do understand! I'm tired of the snow!! And those kinds of pictures always look so awful, you can bet I'm going to give it what I've got before I go have it done. Every little bit helps!

Jo said...

I guess I can't help you much in the sunshine and color category. The best I can do is offer to trade snow with you. I do have it on good authority though that spring is not far off. I can't reveal my source, but She is very reliable. Hang in there girl.

Dolores said...

I've lived in south Texas all my life, so I can't wrap my brain around having so much snow and for such a long time. I'd like maybe one or two days of snow, but no more than that. I love our sunshine, and I'm anxiously awaiting spring so I can dig in the dirt and start planting flowers.

Yes, those pictures hang around for so long, one needs to look their best on picture taking day.

Here's hoping your have warmer weather soon.

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, what little snow we had was so pretty. But then the gray slush...

Linda said...

You sure have had your fair share of snow....I'm sending you some of my sunshine to you. We had some nice days, but rain is coming our way.

I know what you mean about the pictures....everyone one of mine look like a mug shot. I hope your new pictures turn out nice...hugs, Linda

Sharon said...

Oh Diane I know what you mean about those DL photos. I did my hair, makeup and even bought a new blouse but they just say stand on the line and before you can get your pose,Click!! It still looked like a mug shot.
I am also very tired of this snow.
We are suppose to get more this weekend.
I need color!!:)

Oklahoma Granny said...

From everything we've been hearing here Vancouver could use some snow. Maybe you could share? :)


Both hairdressers wow we are alot a like..
you cracked me up just read your comment Diane(:)
''pull her dress down or not.
Her mother is prudish''
LOL -OH Man -oh Man you are something amazing~!!- hugs,Patty

PEA said...

I always say I look like a convict's mug shot in those card pictures! lol I had to go for my health card, driver's license and passport photo last year...yup, all mug shots!!!

We still haven't gotten any new snow, a bit of flurries but nothing that accumulates so we're still sitting here with the snow we had before Christmas. We used our snowblower once back then, that's it. The snow we do have is so dirty looking. Now that I've said that, watch us have a major snowstorm! lol Looking at the long range forecast, though, all it's saying is continued sunshine:-) xoxo

Nola @ the Alamo said...

That sounds just like a husband, oblivious to the obvious! I guess love really is blind.