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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Room Full Of Birds

My Paternal Grandmother loved canaries, she loved to hear them sing,and chirp , tweet and chatter, she would talk back to them too .
Grandmother always had some in her house,in several lovely bird cages arranged here and there through out her home.
To this day when I smell celery I am instantly transported back to her home, because all the bird cages>always had celery in it the birds would nibble at it and a bit of lettuce, they would have toys to play with and a cuttle bone, some branches to hop to and from, little cups of bird seed and a little cups of fresh water, newspaper on the floor of the cage, and at night she would cover them up.
She loved her canaries so much at one time had a roomful now I am talking wall to wall cages, she was raising them to sell.She had yellow ones and orange ones, if I remember right it was the males that were most prized because they were the singers.
She had a few budgies too ,beautiful pale blue ones.
One day I bought myself a canary he was yellow and I named him Cecil ( I dont know why)
and he turned out to be a she and didnt sing, I had a newborn at that time... and Cecil needed more attention than I could devote.... it was either the baby or the bird.... I chose the baby... hehehe, and Grandmother got the bird.( Oh that didn't come out right did it... hehehe)

This is my Paternal Grandmother on her 90th birthday.She WAS the family >>Matriarch<< My Grandmother learned how to drive when she was 65 years old, she traveled around the world many times over.Instead of taking photos she would buy postcards from these far away places,now I have them.
She was wise and kind,a business woman to the bone she owned and ran a business all by herself for years and years.
She feed the poor during the depression she never said no to someone asking for help.
She loved the ocean and had a lot of seashells in her house, now I have them in my house. She considered us her family her treasures.When in fact she was the family's treasure ! I miss her.I know she knows that because we were very close she and I.
My Grandmother Perpetue she loved canaries !!


Dolores said...

Hi Diane,
What a sweet post honoring your grandmother. You were really blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother.

The pictures of the birds are so colorful and pretty.... the orange and yellow colors are just breathtaking.

Have a great weekend!

Julie Harward said...

She is darling...and what a sweet heart she must have had to raise those little birds. I have had canaries too, I had one Sunny and he sang to beautifully and every little song was different from the other. I would stop what I was doing, just to listen to it! Have a great Valentines day..come say hi when you can :D

Vicki said...

Love your post about the birds! They are so beautiful and lovely to listen to. I had thoughts of getting a bird, then I got a book about them and decided after reading it that I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. Now I content myself with feeding the wild ones, they are so beautiful and every day seems to bring a different one to the feeder. Just now I was watching the action around my new feeder, I just put it out about an hour ago and the only activity is a squirrel trying to figure out how to get to it. I may take pity on him and throw him some corn in another part of the yard because he is getting rather frustrated with his attempts. LOL!!

And I just must tell you my first thought at seeing your grandmother was 'God save the queen' (no disrespect intended) ~ she just looks so regal with her beautiful white hair and her lovely crown!! How blessed you are to have such wonderful memories of her!!

Hugs to you Diane, hope you are having a great day!!!

BetteJo said...

You have some really lovely family memories, thanks for sharing them. :)

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Hootin' Anni said...

What a blessing...she is so beautiful!!!

I had a canary when I was a kid...they ARE very pretty, aren't they?

This was a great tribute.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

I just KNOW your day will be filled with love and laughter.

Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. I got really busy and didn't get a chance to visit with you!!

{{{Valentine's Hugs}}}

Lib said...

HOW SWEET!!!!!!!!
WE Sure need more Grandmother's like yours!

Mountain Mama said...

This is a precious post. Our Grandmothers are just that, GRAND!
I had no idea there were orange canaries. Fascinating!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I love stories of people's grandmothers! Every one is different, yet so special. I love the postcard idea; I often forget my camera and the postcards are always perfect!

SmilingSally said...

I kept looking for the blue birds! LOL

Sharon said...

What a beautiful post about your grandmother. She does like a real and wonderful person.
I love the birds. My mother has one that is yellow and he sings a lot.

PEA said...

Your grandma sounds like she was my kind of person:-) I so loved hearing more about her. Imagine learning to drive at 65!!

Right after I got married, we got ourselves a green/yellow budgie which we named Sam. I remember doing all my housework, even vacuuming with him on my shoulder. Only at night was he ever closed up in his cage, otherwise he could come and go as he pleased in the apartment. After Shawn was born, though, I didn't have time to spend with Sam and he would shriek all day long, waking the baby up. We finally had to give him away:-( Speaking of Sam, the last couple of days I've been organizing all my pictures (you should see my bedroom, pictures everywhere!) and came across some of Sam eating meatpie! lol xoxo