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Friday, May 7, 2010

Backyard Squatter

This little guy has been living in my back yard for 2 years, I was very surprised to see him again this year.
He chose to live behind our garage ,we have a rock wall behind that and he is right at home there,some of our stones have been falling and we wondered why... now we know that's probably his little den.
I don't feed him because I don't want him thinking our house is his home... LOL!!

And here is my one and only tulip that divided into 3 this year. Yes only one tulip grew from hundreds.... I am not kidding!
I will take another picture when it opens... poor thing has had to struggle we had snow yesterday and hail too, and our weather man is calling for more snow 1 cent.....
No summer in sight for us yet!!
I want to thank everyone for their concern, my migraine is gone .. that was so painful I could not even stand light in my eyes, let alone think ...
It lasted about a week, woke up with it and went to bed with it..... not pleasant !!
I hope it stays gone... so far so good !!


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Okay, WHAT is it? A groundhog, a badger, a squirrel on steroids? HE probably dug up and ate your tulips, he's saving that last one for dessert.

Julie Harward said...

God bless you...those dang migraines are so beastly! I love your little resident..a handsome little guy! And we don't even plant tulips here..they do what yours did, not much! The one you have sure is a hearty little soul though! Have a great weekend...come say hi, today is a special day at my blog! :D

BetteJo said...

Looks like he's a bit surely!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

Congratulations my Dear!
you won!! :)
Please email me your address to send your gift!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm surprised your squatter doesn't think your tulip is a buffet. LOL

Have a great weekend!

sawn61 said...

Diane, I have never got personally attached to a groundhog yet, but it's never too late. Around here they have a short life. They do a lot of damage to fields and barns, etc.When our neighbors call my husband to come with his big gun, you know the rest of the story.
Glad your feeling better.

Dolores said...

I'm glad Nola ask 'what is it?'...... I was thinking the same thing.

Bless your heart, having a migraine for a week..... that's awful. I'm so glad you're okay now.

Your tulip looks so healthy and pretty..... looking forward to seeing a flower.
I hope your summer comes soon!
Have a great weekend!!

Melissa said...

I get migraines every so often, they are brutal! I just met someone that my hubby works with that sells pain relief of them. Its actually like a lip balm but you put it on your forehead!! Im willing to try anything if it takes it away! thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! good luck on the giveaway!