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Friday, May 28, 2010

Retaining Rock Wall

Last night hubby and I thought we heard something but dismissed it.This morning we woke up to this !!Part of the retaining rock wall fell, and wouldn't you know it... its exactly where the groundhog had been digging his hole. Behind it is the neighbors house and front yard... see our grass is mowed....... his is not and its full of dandelions to boot tisk tisk !

This is our culprit !!
That's a lot of work for us to try and redo this and its sooooo hot out there, I suggested to my hubby leave it where it is on the ground I will put a bag of earth on it , plant flowers and call it a rock garden...... you know make lemonade out of lemons... LOL!!
Nope he wants it back to the original .... men..... the thing of it is he is not feeling well these days and has so much pride... do you ladies have one of those??
I ((hope)) he comes to his senses and calls a neighbor down the street who owns a little digging/loading machine to help us........
As we were out there contemplating what to do.... we looked at the end of our yard(its a retaining rock wall all the way around the yard ) there was Digger the groundhog staring at us from the other wall !!!
I don't know who I am more upset with men or groundhogs !!!!!!
Anyway that's what's happened today!


Needled Mom said...

Just catching up here on all of your goings-ons!

How frustrating to have the wall fall. I am amazed at how much damage that little guy can cause.

Your lilacs are gorgeous. I wish we could smell them through the computer.

The fire fighting plane looks like it was interesting to watch. We have the planes and helicopters flying overhead to fight the fires, but have not seen them fill.

Lois Evensen said...

Oh, my, what a destructive critter! I do like your creative rock garden idea. :))) But, perhaps you'd end up with more of your neighbor's lawn in your new garden.

Let us know how you solve this. :)


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Well, did the rock wall fall on the critter? That would be your only consolation.

Sharon said...

So sorry to see the wall. I hope that you get some help. My hubby sounds just like yours. He is not feeling well either but he is so determined that it will be done. I did not think one little critter could be so destructive. We have one digging in our yard but he has not touch the retaining wall as of yet.
Have a great weekend.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh sigh... Groundhogs. And stubborn men. Which is worse? It's a toss up.

Hope husband simmers down and realizes that he shouldn't be trying to "prove anything," by 'busting his hump' with this.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Oh, yes. My husband is very much like yours.

sawn61 said...

Cute story! I vote for the flowerbed.Good Luck whichever plan you go with. Tell hubby to be extra careful. Bad things happen to folks of our age doing strenuous work in this heat.

Julie Harward said...

Ahhh, thats too bad! I like your ides, it could be pretty..but it might be just as much work! Come say hi :D

BetteJo said...

Am I the only one that thinks your groundhog is kinda cute? I mean, I'm sure your husband is too - but - but I have a soft spot for critters. Unless of course it was MY yard!! :)

Dolores said...

That looks like a lot of hard work to me, the kind of work that's hard on the back.....

Sure glad we don't have any groundhog's around here.

I wondering: if you fix the pretty retaining wall, what will keep him from doing it again.....?
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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PEA said...

I don't know which is worse, men or groundhogs! lol What a little devil, to have caused your rock wall to collapse. You may need to trap him or else he may just make it collapse again after it's been put back up!!

Hopefully your hubby does wait to get help. Yup, they definitely can be a stubborn bunch!! xoxo


oh man that is awfull he made quite a mess..sorry Diane


SAD situation Diane.. now you have to put it all back together~!!
Ya the doggy OR kitty stroller is a riot friend
loves using it ~!

Anonymous said...

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