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Sunday, October 10, 2010

It looks great now !

This is the professional crew I hired after the first guy made such a mess, these guys were just that.... very professional !
They worked for 12 hours that day non stop, they fixed up the mess the first guy did too with the curled shingles and the crooked shingles.

Its a messy job laying a new roof and altho they did pick everything up and they passed a magnetic wand over the grass to pick up nails I am still picking them up, last thing I need in the spring is to buy a new lawn mower or have a nail fly up and hurt someone.

I had them add blown insulation while they were in the attic, they told me I had next to nothing up there and in our cold winters I need all the help I can get to keep warm.
Bonus!!~ Already I feel the house is warmer and the heat dosen't go on nearly as much.Yipeee!!

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home !!
Now here is a funny story about the color of the shingles, John and I were discussing the color just before he passed away , we knew we needed a new roof and we were going to do it before winter, we totally disagreed on the color, I wanted solid black and John wanted gray.
When I ordered the shingles I asked for black,( John passed away so he no longer got a vote ... hey when you pass away and you don't get a say !)and as they were putting it up I could not help but laugh out loud.... the color was called Midnight Black..... tell me now does that roof look black to you ??
Its a very dark gray and black.How's that for funny we both got what we wanted and I could not be happier I just love it because its both colors !!

Now in the meantime I made 2 cat beds for my daughter's sweetypies Freda and Deuce.
I found 2 100% pure wool blankets at the thrift store and washed them in clorox and made sure they smelled clean and sweet. I didn't use a pattern I just kinda eyed it for size and I bought 2 foam pads for twin beds its amaizing how much it needs really to make it soft and inviting for them.
It was a good project for me to keep my fingers busy, with the rest of the wool I am making a sort of pad for them to lay on the couch,I will take a picture when I am done the pad.
I am pleased with it I am adding leaf appliques on it to use up the precious wool bits.I am getting a new leather couch soon and I really want to give them a little bit of comfort .

So here are the cat beds I made.. pretty neat eh !


Lois Evensen said...

Why, yes, those cat beds look wonderful and comfy for the kitties. :) Nice job. The roof looks great, too.

Dolores said...

Oh what a sweet 'roof story'..... I'm so glad that both of you won on the colors..... black/gray it looks great..... best of all, no leaks and good insulation.

The cat beds looks so comfortable, my 3 cats would be jealous.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I love the roof story - and the roof looks great. Clever cat beds - I'm amazed that you did that without a pattern.

BetteJo said...

Well maybe John was putting his hand in and letting you know. At least he was willing to compromise. :) The roof looks great. Word to the wise - no matter how careful they were - you might want to sweep your driveway a couple of times. I ended up with a nail in my tire after I got a new roof.
And I love it that you're welcoming the kitties - they will feel so welcomed. You're doing great Diane!

LJ said...

The roof looks great!
The kitty beds look great too!

Oklahoma Granny said...

With the new roof and the insulation you should be able to keep toasty warm this winter. The kitties will be warm and comfy too.

Sharon said...

The new roof looks great. I hope that you will stay warmer this winter.
The cat beds look great and they should stay warm also.
Hugs dear friend.

SmilingSally said...

LOL Yep, that roof is a compromise color for sure.

I love how crafty you are; those cat beds are amazing! I'd like to see cat appliques on the sides.

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WOW I am so impressed how neat those Cat BEDS look Diane..and your house is darling ~!!
Glad you are making things again and being so creative ~~
~~oh yes little kids are messy
I vacuumed several times during the day and swept up the dirt dragged in from the dirt pile he plays with his little trucks in (:)several times ~
BUT I love em so..
hugs, GRANNY Patty


Love the two tone roof too -nice story Diane(:)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So happy honey that your roof turned out the two shades of black and grey. lol...
Your hope looks beautiful glad you shared this with us.
Wow you always surprise me with your talent. These cat beds are too cute. I so wish I could do something like this.
Hang in there honey
Love ya


AWH thank you Diane(:) we had fun..Hope you are having a good day.

PEA said...

I will be back to catch up on your posts but right now I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party on my blog...get ready to do the jitterbug:-) xoxo

Linda said...

Morning to you Diane! What comfy cozy beds you made...the kitties will love there new spot.
Your roof story made me's looks very nice and the color is great....I didn't know they had a vacumn to pick up the nails etc, but that's a very good thing. Gosh, I'm sounding like Martha S.
Yum, your red sauce looks delish. I've never done any canning but have always wanted to...a towel in the bottom of the pan is a very clever...broken bottles would be awful...take care, hugs, Linda

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Thanks honey for entering my giveaway. After a comment I received I am having second thoughts about doing reviews and giveaways.
I just thought it would be nice to be able to give more giveaways on my site. Oh well we shall see
The weather is beautiful hope it is there for you.
Think of you all the time hoping you are doing good as you can be at this time.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Diane,

I just stopped back to tell you I left something for you on my blog today. ;)



Morning to ya Diane(:)
cold here
hope your day is a fun one.. am off for a swim soon....

Lib said...

How Great is that Black/gray roof:o) Glad youre warmer:o)
Love the cat beds !
HAve agreat wk.end!
Blessins' hugs ,Lib


I will have fun thank you Diane(:) keep warm is cold here this morn~
Packing the bags and leaving looking forward to some new scenery and no cooking -LOL~
big hugs,Patty

Anonymous said...

Your new roof looks great! I love the color, too, and find your story about the color very amusing. We got a new roof this summer (hail Oklahoma we get lots of that) and we're still finding nails even after the crew used that magnetic thing. The cat cushions looks very cozy! Well done.

Needled Mom said...

You will really appreciate the extra insulation that they added. It is great for summer and winter.

I am still chuckling at the thought of John up there saying, "I got the final vote"....perhaps he has connections!!!!! Midnight black???? Maybe it is black with a full moon.

Love the cat beds. I know the kitties will too.