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Monday, June 9, 2008

I Was Tagged by Brenda !!

I have been tagged by Brenda at The Brenda Blog !!!
So here goes and try not to fall asleep from boredom ok ladies !!!

What Were You Doing Ten Years Ago?
That was a life time ago,I am not that person anymore.I was working then,and I was going through the dreaded change (menopause)made me crasier than the mad hatter, I had several surgeries since then but today I am a survivor !!

Five Things On Your To-Do List: Get the house in order , because I am having a significant get together in July,also I want to get more fit and start going to aquafit for my arthritic .Organize my craft products so I know where they are,(all scattered now).I want to start my son's afghan that I promises.


Five Snacks You Enjoy: Ok don't anyone laugh ...............................My favorite all time snack in the world is................... Puffed Rice Cereal!!! Then I enjoy popcorn, thirdly I enjoy pears, then I adore a good coffee and tea with an oatmeal cookie or two.Pretty much that's what I snack on.


Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionare: I would set my kids up so they would never have to worry about money.Then I would build a get away cottage.And I would travel a lot.


Places I've Lived: I have lived most of my life in Timmins,Ontario,Canada, I went to school in North Bay, and I did live in Ottawa for a short time.


Now that I have been tagged I must pass this onto 3 unsuspecting ladies.

First is Laura at My New Blog Journey


Second is Suzie at Suzie's Place

Third is Mari Nanci at Smilnsigh

Ok ladies now its your turn ,...... go on let it all out!!!


Brenda Kula said...

I'm so happy to have learned all that about you! I wish you were here. I have a pear tree that puts out all these glorious pears. And I don't like pears! They go to waste, so the neighbors are told to take all they want!

LauraJ said...

I think I did this meme not too long ago....however if you take me for the next meme I'll do that one...if I haven't done it.
Thank you for the support on yesterday's will be a recurring theme for the coming months...