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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Relaxing by the Lake and a Day of Shopping

We are so fortunate that we have a small lake in the middle of our town, people walk and jog around it year round on the walking trails and they have picnic tables everywhere for people to enjoy, and let me tell you on a warm summer day its put to good use.I have always enjoyed going there with a nice hot coffee in hand from a local nearby coffee shop and just sit to soak in the fresh air and sun, today the Mallards were out in full force ,begging bread from the locals who are happy to oblige, and the baby goselings were out with Mama, aren't they just the cutest things.Some were barely a handful so fuzzy and cute!

Yesterday I went shopping !! I am soooo happy to say that we have a brand new Micheal's right here in our town finally!! I never in my wildest dreams think we would ever get a huge wonderful craft store like that, and yesterday was the grand opening,the specials were unbelievable so naturally I filled my shopping cart!!! ((Yipeeee)))

And .....................................I was very thankful that when I got home hubby was busy installing our 2 air conditioners so he was too occupied and didn't see all my bags!! (( Haha))He is always saying where are you going to put it all, oh trust me I will find a place even if I have to sleep on it!!

Then well I was way too tired to make dinner and got home so late ,we went out for dinner,I was a good girl and had the salmon but I did have a delicious ceasar drink to relax after such a big shopping expedition!! Talk about having a wonderful day!!!
I usually shop at Micheals in Ottawa when I go visit my daughter, I can't believe my lucky stars that I have one now too!! Yipeeeeeee!!


Susie said...

Your lake in town must be a great place to relax and good for some fun photo ops.
Isn't Michael's a fun store. They usually put a coupon in the Sunday paper for 40 or 50% off any one item that isn't on sale. (but they always have so many sale things!)
Sounds like you had a fun day!!

Brenda Kula said...

Good for you! I noticed this morning in the Sunday newspapers that ours has a 50% one regularly priced item coupon.

LauraJ said...

I enjoy Ceasar drinks very much. What a wonderful day!

Nonna said...

You are so lucky to have a Michaels!! I live in a very small town and we dont have anything hardly. To sit by the little town lake with a cup of coffee sounds heavenly! Sounds like you've had a great weekend!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

That's funny, we just had a Michael's open up in our town, too! I was so excited...I went for the Grand Opening and they didn't have hardly any sales at all! I was shocked. I mean, sure, I STILL shopped my brains out (lol), though I really did expect that they would have all kinds of specials, etc. But, the important thing is, I now have a Michaels about 4 miles from home, vs. the 24 miles I used to have to drive to get to one. And I'm THRILLED about that!


Lib said...

Love the pics.the Babies are so cute.:o)
I Love Michaels also. We have Hobby Lobby here I love it too.Well I just Love most all craft
Glad you had a fun day:o)
Have a great wk.

Jo said...

Well now you don't have to wait until you visit your daughter to shop at Michaels.... We have Hobby Lobby too, I have been in a Michaels a long time ago, but don't remember a lot about it.

Beautiful shots of the ducks.