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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weirdest and Oldest Yard Sale Find !!

When you go to as many yard sales as I did, you come across some very strange things !!
The weirdest I would say are my two wooden carved Indians !!! Altho the picture dosen't show their true height, the one standing is about 4 feet hight, the sitting Indian is about 3 feet high,on both bottoms it says Girotti ,St Catherines.Aren't they gorgeous!!!

I have been offered money for them , but its never enough to part with my two fine friends,I just love them, we keep them in the playroom,some day if we get a cottage built that's where I would like to keep them.

My hubby and I actually found those and we offered $20.00 for the two, the lady accepted and so we strapped them in the back seat of our vehicle and off we went to more yard sales, we had people smiling from ear to ear when they would see us drive up with our guests in the back seat.
You just never know what you are going to find at yard sales !!

The oldest object I ever found was this book on Abraham Lincoln its written in Finnish and the year is 1883.This came from an estate sale, we bought many many old delightful things,such as jewelry ( are you surprised?) and an old sewing box complete with an old wooden darning thing I am not sure what they are called,I have several old sewing boxes now , they are so much fun to root through,always a hidden treat or two in there,my hubby was so happy to find vintage Heddon lures , oh he was just smiling that day.

You just never know what sort of wonderful treasure you will come home with when you go to yard sales !!
Do you have something different that you found on one of your hunts????


LauraJ said...

I think your Indians are a hoot! I wouldn't mind one of those fellows myself to guard our house.
I don't remember the wackiest or weirdest thing I've gotten at a yardsale but I can tell you a little story about an antique shop I went to in Florida in '95. I just looked around at all the cool old stuff, wondering about it's history. I came across a very long antique red velvet couch. I looked at the price tag 14,000 and thought to myself I'll never have this chance again so I sat on the couch! :D

PEA said...

I'd say those Indians and the Abe Lincoln book are indeed great finds!! That's why I so love going to estate sales/auctions and yard sales, you just never know what treasures you'll find:-) I usually go after vintage dishes and have quite a few pieces from the early 1900's. Can't say I've ever come across Indian statues though! hehe xoxo

Artsy Etc. said...

They are so cool!! What a neat find. I'd have bought them if you didn't! Thank you for visiting my blog. I can sure tell I'm going to visit yours again and again. We like a lot of the same things!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Wanted to stop by and say thanks for coming to my blog today!! Wordless Wednesday is always so much fun. I see that pea comes over here too. So we have friend in common. You love yard sales too. So do hubby and i
Come back again. Sandy

BittersweetPunkin said...

I would love to come across one of those!! My DH and I have been actively seeking one for many years...what a wonderful find!! I am enjoying your blog...thanks for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment...I will for sure be back to visit you!

Lib said...

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving me a comment.:o) Come back soon!
I enjoyed my visit.Wow, we collect alot of the same and I make dolls also ,I use alot of vintage linens also to dress them.:o)
Have a great wk.
Blessins', Lib

smilnsigh said...

Diane, hello and thank you for visiting my 'Smilnsigh' blog and leaving a comment. Thank you for saying that you love my pictures. You are very sweet.


smilnsigh said...

Wow, those are some Indians! 4' and 3' are "nothing to sneeze at." {Means ~ it's a big deal. Do you have that saying around your area?} :-)

I'll have to show them to my husband who loves to do woodworking. He's carving a totem pole for a friend, now. Honest. She lives out in the country and has always wanted one. So now, she'll have one. :-)


Jo said...

I am 1/4 cherokee and am very serious about collecting native american art. You really got a bargain with your two friends.

I lived in Pennsylvania quite a few years ago and loved the things I could find at auction and yard sales.

groovyoldlady said...

Yard sales are immeasurably fun! I usually gravitate toward educational materials and books. However, the best find I ever made was at an estate sale. I got an antique wooden sewing case completely full of old thread, unopened button packs (circa 1930) and all sorts of groovy sewing doo-dads and thingamabobs. The box opens up into three tiers of compartments on each side and was in mint condition. I got the whole shebang for $20!

Diane said...

I came over here when I saw your comment at Junie's place.

For a long time, my sisters (I have 3) and I had a gift exchange when we could not spend more than $5.
Next youngest sister had broken the meat platter that came with her wedding set.
I found one to match it at a yard sale for $3. I asked the hostess to write out a receipt so I could show my sister that was how much I had paid for the item.

To ship it with insurance did cost more, but oh the fun of being able to provide something she wanted!

Oh, your blog is a Google/Blogger.
We have not 'been friends' for several months, so my signature is not accepted.

I am Mrs DoF

Anonymous said...

I have that exact same indian that is sitting down do you think there worth anything