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Friday, January 22, 2010

Generations and Geneology

Picture of twins, my Dad is on the right and his twin sister on the right,I still have those little sweaters and hats that my grandmother made for them in 1929 !

Last week Brenda of Cosy Little House found out a bit of her family history and it started something that I just could not stop doing and I am still working on.
My dear lovely friend Brenda grew up not knowing her family,reading her post about it really breaks your heart, I could not imagine growing up like she did,I know who my family is I can pick out their picture and name the faces.And trust me when I say I have a lot of family, cousins coming out of the woodwork , some I haven't meet yet !

So I went to Ancestry and got myself a subscription and poked around to see who I could find, never thinking I would get very far,........................ was I wrong!!!!!!!

I have my paternal grandmother's side documented all the way back to 1672,it just all fell into place, one name after another.... just incredible !!!
I was really lucky to find some old photos someone had added to the names along the way,and in that I found a cousin and now we are emailing photos back and forth, at first he could not believe we were related so I showed him the path and oh yes we are related !
Very exciting finding new family willing to share !!

I am working on other names now....
And they are not that hard to find, the church really is well documented, if you can get passed the spidery writing your on the road to finding family !

Brenda I wish I could do the same for you ........... Your story breaks my heart it really does.If I could I would give you some of mine, we could share I have so many !


Oklahoma Granny said...

I love that you have not only the picture of your dad and aunt but that you also have their little outfits! I've toyed with going out to Ancestry before but haven't done it. I just may. Thanks for a wonderful post.

Needled Mom said...

I have heard how addicting it is once you start searching. I am glad that you were able to make it so far back. That must be exciting.

I love the picture of your dad and his sister. It's great that you still have the sweaters.

Cozy Little House said...

My long-time blog friends like you are about the best family a gal could have! I'm so glad you found out all this. Isn't it exciting to just start following the trail to see where it leads you? There's nothing quite like finding out who you are and who came before you.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Yeah, I'd share my family with Brenda, too! (some of them I'd outright GIVE her, but that's another story). I love hearing these positive bits, it proves the internet is good for something!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Diane... what a cute pic of your dad and his sister!

My ears perked up when you said genealogy because I absolutely love genealogy research. One thing I have found is to always be wary of other people's research until you prove it yourself. LOL! Some people don't do the extensive proofs that are actually necessary to prove lines for lineage groups, so I have taken information from the site you mentioned, and then painstakingly proved it with primary source documentation (wills, tombstone info, marriage records, birth certificates, baptism information, census data, etc.).

I think it's a good idea to use other people's research as a guide, but you still need primary and secondary source documents if you are applying for lineage groups.

I have my paternal lines extensively documented, and the other side (Mama's) is a harder nut to crack. LOL! But it is so much fun to find people who can help you along. Glad you found your cousin. :-)



sawn61 said...

Watch close, Diane. You may find Vicki and I on your family tree. My Mom's people(Theriot) came from Canada. Some of them came down the Mississippi back during the time the poem, "Evangeline" was written, and settled all along the river clear down to Louisiana, where she was born. I have found French Canadian folks all across the USA now, whose roots are up there in Canada.I guess it's true that our families are all connected somewhere back in time.I love geneology studies, too, but haven't worked with it much lately. I'm quilting now, which I haven't attempted in years.At least, not a full quilt.I think Mom's right.It's addictive.And I'm not even a quilter.(Sue from Ky.)

Lib said...

Geneology is addiciting.I did this a few yrs. back and so glad I did!
Family means so much to me!;o)
Have a great wk.end!

SmilingSally said...

Hey, Diann, I'm a twin! My brother is my twin, so I have something in common with your dad.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Wow! You really got into it!

I wonder if I'll finally get bitten by this "bug"? A very nice "bug," to get bitten by, of course.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohh and a precious picture, of course!!!

BetteJo said...

Not a bug I've been bitten by but oh my goodness what success you've had! Pretty amazing!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Geneology is a passion of mine too. I've spent years researching. Some of it is easy as you describe, but some is not documented or a name change confuses the search. Good luck with your family history.

Dmarie said...

Hello Diane
thank you for the visit, I sorry to hear that you were a victim too. I loved reading your post on family and ancestory... So important. My mom is doing a family history project and I feel so grateful to have this info for my children. Take care Denise


OH DIanne what a priceless DARLING picture you have there (:) How fun..
have a happy day ..
hugs, Patty said...

My sister loves doing that, and I've enjoyed all the she found out about the family for the rest of us. Luckily, I didnt have to do any of the digging myself!

Mountain Mama said...

your post made my heart smile! I have ben doing my family genealogy for about 19 years and well remember the first big find. I have developed such a strong connection with my ancient ancestors I actually love them.
Genealogy is one of the greatest adventures one can experience.