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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deep Freeze !

Its really cold here ,tonight its going down to minus 31 that's 23 below to those of you still using the fahrenheit method.
But you can tack on another 10 degrees because of the high winds
That means wooly socks and an extra sweater !
BRRRRRRRRR .......shiver !!!

Don't try this any time soon !!!

Instead I am going to stay home ,make soup and keep warm !!

How are you going to spend the day in the deep freeze ??

That was yesterday !
Today its only minus >>41<< ,its cold out there !! BRRRRRRRR !!!!!


Sharon said...

It is brrrr cold here to.
I am going home from work to babysit my lil Trevor.
it is to cold to take him to his older brother's swim meet.
Your idea sounds like a good one too.
Stay warm dear friend.

Cozy Little House said...

Diane, however do you stand such long winters in THAT kind of cold? I guess you're accustomed to it by now, huh?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"23 below"


Yes, we still use Fahrenheit. Will be cold here too, but not that cold. And windy too.

What do I do when it's cold and windy? I stay inside and worry about the power going out, from downed power lines.<---Stupid I know. But, you asked. ,-)

Stay warm!!!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Girl! I can't even imagine that kind of cold! I would be like that cat.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I hope your kidding about how cold it is there good gosh I honestly would die. Just simply roll over and die. That is just beyond my imagination.
It is only going to be in the 30's in the morning and I am not happy about that but now that I have read your post I have not a thing to complain about.
Stay warm.....I am working this weekend so it will be a long weekend

sawn61 said...

Diane, the last time we had that kind of weather here in Ky. was the year we had our best crop of irish potatoes. We stored 35 milk crates of potatoes under the floor. The dog scratched the underpinning back to get in out of the cold and froze all of our potatoes.I think that was the same year Pop had to drive a backhoe 5 miles down the road to help dig a grave, the ground was froze so hard. He had to wear a welding helmet to see to drive, the cold wind was so bad on his face.Glad we don't have that kind of weather here often.

Lib said...

And I complain about our cold temps!I don't know cold compared to you!
I do rememeber chicken stratch!;o)
I will be stitching the day away in our deep freeze.Our coldest night will be 14 days 30s so I shouldn't complain!
Stay warm and cozy my friend!
Love,& Blessins',Lib


OH Diane..
LOvE your fun style (:)
A very Cute and funny post..
wow 23 below~!!
Yes I am the older one who still uses the Farenheit(however ya spell it(:) Method- hehe))
Have a wonderful day and stay home and eat some hot stew ..LOL
I eat my homemade soups alot LOVE EM~!!

SmilingSally said...

I cannot imagine! You poor, cold baby!

Oklahoma Granny said...

How do you ever stay warm? It's freezing here and not nearly as cold as the temps you quoted.

BetteJo said...

It's been a while but I've felt those temps. Don't want to again and I don't envy you! Stay inside!