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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Spring to You !!

First sign of spring !!
Every year I would take my mother for a car ride in the rural areas to hunt for pussy willows,it was tradition in the spring for both of us.She loved them so much,and always had some in her house year round,this spring my mother is not with me, she died last December just before Christmas,and I didn't want to go out looking for pussy willows,my heart just wasen't in it.I don't think I have recovered from her death yet,I may never be over it.

My hubby and I were out for a nice car ride last Sunday and I knew it was pussy willow time,I asked him to take me to a specific place that Mom and I loved to go,and there was Mom's beloved pussy willow tree,I made up my mind then to cut a few branch's ,I came home and made this little nest made out of the pussy willows,the little birds are cute aren't they peeking out from the nest,I would of given this to my mother if she were alive.I will enjoy it for her,she would have been just delighted to see this little representation of new life.

Life goes on, its spring time the pussy willows are out.Happy Spring !!!

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