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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Starting a New Journal

I have been writing in a journal almost every day going back many many years,and on my recent trip to Ottawa I saw a very pretty little green journal in a book store,beside it were matching pens (( OK I confess I collect pens,I love pens ,I have a pen fetish and I need to go to Pens AA,if there is such a place I seriously need to go!!))

Well I decided to buy them both and start writing in a journal again.I stopped in November 2007, it was the day my mother was diagnosed with cancer, from that day forward I had no time what so ever, it was the furthest thing on my mind,caring for Mom was all I could think about,it was a night and day commitment that carried me till she died.

And for some strange reason I cannot write another word in my old journal,I think its because my life will never be the same without my mother.Hence the new journal.I loved my old journal, it was so pretty ,it made me smile just to pick it up and hold it, the cover front and back had lovely pysanky eggs everywhere on a beige backround.

I started writing in a journal when my mother in law moved in with us,I needed a sounding board without talking it out loud to anyone,most times re-reading my notes helped me a great deal ,I felt like another person reading the words and I would work out my everyday problems myself that way.I love my little french mother in law,she is so sweet,you could not meet a sweeter person on earth if you tried,~~~ BUT it was not easy living with her at the beginning.The road had many twists and turns and was rocky,~~~ there how's that for being diplomatic.!!

You get use to writing your two bits worth in a journal, which I made totally sure of keeping in a very discrete place away from snooping eyes (ahem) .Its a stress release for me and not just that but a journal of my life and my families life and how I felt on certain days good or bad.

I gave my very first one to my daughter it was filled with frustrations that little journal,and I told her that when I gave it to her,and it had lots of goodness in it too,it held 5-6 years worth of living in it,I must really trust her to have given her such a thing such a personal object.She asked me for it and I simply just gave it to her wrapped in yards and yards of ribbon, with intricate knots,I told her not to read it but to simply just have it.She was happy to have a piece of me.

Do you ladies write in a journal like I do or am I the only nut out there that likes to see it in writing???
Here is my new journal isin't it pretty ?? I just love the color and pattern.


Needled Mom said...

I am not a journal keeper but I know many people who are. I had just recommended a journal to a friend of mine who is dealing with a French MIL!!!! How funny. I may have to have her read your blog entry. LOL

I have always admired pysanky eggs. Do you ever post photos of the ones you do?

Have a great weekend.

TattingChic said...

I have been writing in a journal for 30 years. It keeps me sane...that reminds me...I haven't written in mine for a little wonder I'm feeling a little bonkers...LOL!!! I too, would be a sucker for the journal with the matching pen.