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Friday, May 16, 2008

Some things I bought in Ottawa

I got an urge to do bead embroidery incorporated with some silk ribbon embroidery,I have a box full of silk ribbon that I am just dying to play with.... someday...

And I got a few new semi precious stones to do new necklaces with ,as you can see they are not put together yet I will show you when I am done but what do you think of the colors ?? Do you like them??

The big round green stone I will do a sort of lace effect with it using delicas it will look sooo nice I saw a few pictures with instructions and and I am confident I can do it... we will see hummmmm.

I bought a few more stamps I just love the big flower with the little flower , I will place them together on some cards I will work on, the sales lady did a good job of selling me the idea, she showed me several displays using them , they looked quite elegant! I need another stamp like I need a new head but who can resist .................. right???

All I did today was clean out my craft room ,I bought several see through containers ,I should of bought more ............sigh.................. oh well next time I will overide the urge to get less and get more !! HA a woman's dream right!


Needled Mom said...

Wow! Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Isn't it nice to get organized? Thanks heavens for all those clear plastic and glass containers.

I love the peyote bead work, but it does make one go a little nuts after awhile. It certainly looks pretty though.

Pat Winter said...

Beads!!!!!!I love picture. Check my blog....another award for you!
Pat :-)