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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things I made in a jewelry bead shop

This necklace is special to me !!
My daughter made this one for me for Mother's Day,
Citrine is my favourite stone,this one is made with
nuggets of citrine and sterling silver spacers.
I love love the look of this one on me,its the second necklace she
has ever made for me the first one was made out of
tissue paper flowers made in kindergarden.I will cherish them
both !!

I enjoyed that day so much,we spent it together, the bead shop,
was so cute and well stocked with all sorts of wonderful semi
precious stones and fresh water pearls,and really just about
anything your heart could desire.It was a very crafty !!!

These two bracelets I made using smokey quartz and
green jade and yellow citrine, I wear a lot of yellow in
the summer.
This one is totally nothing special,I just liked it to wear under the
collar of a blouse,I wish the picture was better for you to see how nice
the colors look.
This little bracelet I used some cloisonee leafs
isin't this adorable for summer??!!
To me this is a little summer bracelet,I made it with mother of pearl
and I cannot for the life of me remember what the little green stone is,
it might be jasper,not sure now.
I love this one,its a mix of turquoise,fresh water pearls,mother of
pearls,jade,sterling silver and swarovski crystals,I made an identical
one for my sister in law,she will just love it,this one is very much her
taste too.
With this one I used a carnilian circle again with a turquoise stone in
the center,little sterling spacers and mother of pearl rectangles.Simple
but still stylish.
I love this one too,the red stone is dyed jade and the clear stone
is smokey quartz, and the little purple round stone is amathyst,with a
little sterling spacer here and there.
I love this bracelet I made it with carnilian and turquoise,
very effective isin't it !
I made this one using green quartz and little round blood stones in between,what you can't see is the round stones are 2 colors,a bit of green and a bit of wine color.

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Needled Mom said... did have a good time creating all of those lovely pieces. I especially like the carnilian circle one. I, too, wear a lot of yello so the yellow pieces really appeal to me.

Your daughter did such a nice job. I still have the paper beaded necklace that my son made for me in first grade.