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Monday, May 26, 2008


Some time back when I was in Ottawa I came across a little shop with lovely stamping things ,and in it I found all manner of Pergamano products.Houray for me!!!!

I have been wanting to try this craft for a long long time so I kinda went BESERK and bought lots and lots of everything,not knowing if I will be good at this or even enjoy it, just a craving to try it.Does anyone else do that too ???
Better yet has anyone out there tried Pergamano?? Any hints or tips??

Today when we went out for a little drive and a nice hot Timmy's cuz its such a wet raining day, I took my camera anyway because I spotted a huge crow's nest a few days ago , one of the bigger one's I have ever seen,I saw 2 crow's attending the nest too but not today naturally because I wanted to show you.....sigh.......
Would you believe they are calling for 2 cent of snow to fall today.................I hope not!!!


PEA said...

I've never even heard of Pergamano so you'll have to post what it is! lol Actually I can google it but it would be much more fun to have you make a post about it!! I'm like you, I often buy all kinds of things for a certain craft, not even knowing if I'll enjoy it!

What a great picture of the crow's nest you, I don't think I've even seen such a big crow nest before either!

We had rain all day today and a thunderstorm just went it's turned quite cold and supposed to go down to -1c. Ugh! I do hope you don't get any snow!!! xox

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

HI Diane ..SO glad you stopped in
ATTIC CLUTTER.. Your blog is really nice ,aren't they a fun thing~~!Nice way to meet people~~
..we do have similar interests and both retired ..Loving it (:)
keep intouch ok(:) Hugs Patty