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Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Again !!!

Hi Everybody !!!
I appologize for lack of pictures but give me a day or two , we took over 2000 pics I want to chose what I show you ,plus resize them.(( Patience!!))

I am home again, phew what a trip, I am very tired, we didn't stop the whole time we were away, no down time what so ever it was a constant motion.
Would you believe we had only 2 sunny days out of the 12 days we were gone, the rest were wet very very wet......
On our first day we took a boat tour on the Louis Jolliet to see the fire works that night it was the grand finally, the fireworks were nothing short of spectacular, I have seen lots of fireworks but none to compare to these,it went on for a half hour non stop, the music was incredible,we had the best seats in the St Laurence River, thankfully the rain slowed down when it was time for the light show.
We sat on the main deck in the pouring rain ,we each had an umbrella and a rain poncho, and it was freezing,but we made the best of it and had laughes anyway!!!
We were glad to see our hotel that night and have a glass of wine to warm up!!!

The next day I made reservations to have High Tea at the Chateau Frontenac!!
Would you believe it poured cats and dogs, and my wonderful adorable (I love you Honey) daughter made me a BEAUTIFUL full crown to wear,it was spectacular ,I didn't do it justice with my wet curly hair,I felt so bad about my hair, my beautiful crown ....... but we surely enjoyed ourselves anyway,we really took our time to savour the tea and treats.My hubby behaved himself, he is not a tea kinda guy but still enjoyed the experience.
Afterwards we went down to Petit Champlain and walked around and shopped at all the wonderful little boutiques,its really wonderful down there near Place Royale.Its the oldest street in Quebec City, very quaint!!

Next day we took a 3 hour bus tour to Tadoussac to catch a Whale watching tour!! YES we did see whales, 3 kinds, a baluga , fin and minke whales,and a number of seals, it was soo exciting!! the tour was about 3-4 hours then another 3 hour bus ride back to Quebec City.We eat at the hotel that night , we were all pretty tired from all that fresh air!!

Another boat tour on the Louis Jolliet the next day (((( It was sunny ~~AMEN)) enough with the wet and rain already! that was such a nice warm sunny ride on the ship, all the way down the St Laurence,then we went for a car ride to St Anne de Beaupre, toured the beautiful church and the nearby shops, had dinner in Beaupre, it was a great day!

Next day another car ride to the Island of Orleans, we went all around the Island, it was sooooo beautiful, the apples were gorgeous, we stopped at at place that makes apple cider and apple wine etc... after sampling the yummy stuff I bought a bottle of each it was sooooo good!
We did a lot of driving around that day took in lots of sights, its so hard to walk it all , almost impossible.

I thouroughly enjoyed my trip, it was wonderful to be with my family ,we had 2 weeks together,had lots of laughs and made wonderful memories , took a zillion pictures of which I will show you in the next day or two.
Its nice to be home again!!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Welcome back! good to see you!

Abounding Treasures said...

Welcome back Diane! I'm so glad that your trip was so wonderful.

Isn't Quebec City beautiful?!! I went there once many years ago and just loved the feel of it.


Brenda Kula said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good time. Looking forward to the photos. Wish I could figure out how to resize stuff. I'm just not a techie!

Nola said...

Welcome home; you were missed! I can't wait to hear about rain and cool weather; wish you could send some down here to us!
Rest and relax, then get those pictures loaded!

PEA said...

Welcome Home:-) Oh dear, so sorry to hear that it rained so much during your holiday but it sounds like you all made the best of it! I visited St. Anne the Beaupre and the church is just beautiful, isn't it. You're really making me want to see Quebec City again:-) Looking forward to seeing your pictures!! xoxo

Nonna said...

Welcome home!!! Looking forward to seeing all the pictures you took. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

Tina Coruth said...

Welcome back, Diane! I'm very happy that you had a great vacation. I can imagine it must have been exhausting with every day so filled with the wonderful sounds and sights of Quebec. But your sound absolutely energized!!! I've visited your blog backwards (what else is new for me LOL) so I have seen your gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing them! :-)