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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Tutorial Your Gonna Just love !!!

This is one my son actually showed me and I just love it, when I started to blog I told him how difficult it was to check everyone's blog every day as I was beginning to have quite a few I really enjoyed to follow along.But I found it tedious.

He said I have the solution its called SAGE-TOO, what it does is keeps track of everyone's blog in a list and when someone adds a new post it highlights that person's blog for me !!!
Is that too neat or what!!!! No more checking blogs that haven't been updated for hours on end!

Ladies its dead easy I tell ya !!!

Only one thing you must know before we begin is do you have Firefox 2 ?? Or do you have Firefox 3????

#1 If you have Firefox 2 you must download this version in your google box
Just type in the word sage

#2 If you have Firefox 3 you must download this version in your google box
Just type in sage-too
And download the program.Ok so far so good??

Ok now the fun part, when you have a blog you like and want to add all you do is click on the second icon to the left ,the yellow magnifying glass, when your looking at that particular blog,presto its added to your list.
That's it!!!
When that blog is updated it will be highlighted in dark black , and that means quick quick like a bunny go check that person's blog cuz they have added a new post, and you dont have to check every 5 minutes ever again!!!!!!!

Is that toooo neat or what!!!!!!!!


belladella said...

Great advice. Thanks! Hope you have had a great day!

Stephanie D. said...

Google Reader does the same thing, and there are far more sites on my Reader than on my bloglist on the right--just because it's so easy to update the Reader.

I discovered it the beginning of the summer, and it's amazing how fast I can check to see who's posted today. Saves a lot of time.

Then I go add more blogs to the list and lollygag around when I should be productive or something.

Susie said...

I use Google Reader which works beautifully. I think this must be a similar reader..

Smilingsal said...

Since you use blogger, you can set your blogroll to roll the most recently updated blog to the top of the roll. That's what I do.

You don't have to download a thing.

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Yep, I just found Google reader a few weeks ago, and it really simplified things. No more wasted time; it can all be spent on quality blogging.

Donna said...

I love your Blog! Thanks for the helpful information!

Now I have got to find out if I have Foxfire at all? ! ? ! ?

Beats me!

I will certainly try to find out so that I can get this installed.

I was wondering how you are so "Johnny on the Spot" when I publish a new Post! Now I know, and I want one too!

Thanks so much for all of your comments!


Linda said...

Diane, this sounds I need to figure out if I have Foxfire. Hugs, Linda

Crafty Gardener said...

Looks like a great little add on, I'll check it out. Thanks.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Wow! what a great tip.....I want to try this...
Mo :-)

Tracy M. said...

Oh Sweet! Can't wait to try it out.
Tracy M.

Tina Coruth said...

Wow! This is so cool! And with your instructions, I think even I can do it. I will check into this next week (my grandchildren will be back to school after Labor Day! I love them dearly, but Yippeeee! LOL) Thank you and thank your son for me, too!